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Westbound on Mount Elliot Street. You're stopping Go from grass ship and import here on delays up to 30 minutes for trucks right now on the blue water Bridge, heading eastbound. WJR whether first from the Weather Channel. Windy, cold weather taken over for the late weak forecast with some four inch knows coming our way tomorrow night pretty deep area of low pressure coming up across the great Lakes coming in from the West are high Today. 34 are low tonight, 17. Mostly cloudy tomorrow, 34 afternoon and evening snows with four inch accumulations Thursday night into Friday morning. In a lot of 25 Friday cloudy, windy and cold, high 29 low 11 Friday night and single digit lows this weekend. Meteorologist Scott Lawrimore. Loose talk 7 60 wjr, Introducing touch free payments from PayPal a safe way for your customers to pay simply download the papal app and display your own unique You are code for your customers to scan Whether you're a market seller, tomatoes and cucumbers, poodle, pamper piano tuner or plumber signing up to accept touch free payments for your business is easy. Touch freak. You are code payments shop safe with PayPal. A TNT invested $125 billion over the past five years to help students get the Internet access. They need to learn. But there's more to do join us and help close the homework gap for millions of kids. Learn more at 80 t dot com slash to next Here's three great reasons to get the new Samsung Galaxy s 21 5 G AT T Mobile one. It's free for both current and new customers. When you trade in an eligible device to T Mobile, the leader in five coverage so three you can unleash five g speeds and more places with your new phone. Get the new Galaxy s 21 free at T Mobile, the leader in five G coverage. Don't be a 24 monthly bill credits most tax if you cancel credit, stop in balance and required finance agreement. Maybe do contact us all. Find credit Consumer plan required. See details of T Mobile com Leave No one behind. It's our mantra in the military. And if you're a veteran or concerned about a veteran battling emotional, physical or financial stress due to this pandemic You're not alone. I'm Senator Adams, director of the Michigan Veterans.

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