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Yankees this year knowing that the number sets they can spend this much money is they wanna and whoever's out there next year hawk per donaldson machado take your pick they can spend and still be other attacks they're not going to give that opportunity appro i don't see it robert we have good guy making big money bench so basically on non fact and she got els barry a couple of players on team making good money who are really contributing that's their problem my now they want to get rid of these guys any way they can but my i will emphasise and you work before cancelling how is going to be sitting in this type is next all year long and they're gonna pick off a picture i hit or any by they need during the season that's going to have did it go need to get this roster finalized in at the end the spring train this laughable changed threetimes spring training round julie you'll see that rafa that'll be different on july 31st and we're going through world series i want to emphasize one day i want this guy time praise you back on the yankees i know the wrong about salary caps and bosley taxes that nonsense just could as a leader and he deserves to be on the yankees 'cause he was born to be a yang stephen if you tell me todd frazier on a oneyear deals backward the new york yankees at say okay the idea of given todd frazier more than a year when you have and horn a minor leagues and you have machado and potentially donaldson waiting in the wings of free agency i don't want to be tied in with todd for asia for multiple years one year contract l k more than that not so much to queens suckered powell jeff money who went one in a one on saturday jeff body continue on the right side of the patriots i don't know how anybody could justify tennessee plus thirteen you know i hit that.

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