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Hundred eighteen meanwhile the are not affiliated twenty seven to thirteen thirty that their credit thirty four thirteen right right thank you very much that they give the grapplers last pass the test came back with the Tennessee Titans were still alive in the playoff picture thirty four thirteen two point conversion no good did go over the total of forty four and a half back to Rikki Moster just those four rushing touchdowns hundred and ninety six rushing yards on the ground the Niners as that if you have two hundred and sixty four most search for rushing touchdowns the most ever rushing touchdowns in a conference championship game it is the second most rushing touchdowns ever entered NFL playoff game thirty four thirteen diners are in control look like I had to buy and they don't have a date with the Kansas City Chiefs to advance to Super Bowl fifty for their third Super Bowl appearance ever they had a thirty five twenty four win over the Tennessee Titans earlier this afternoon rallying for the win after being down by ten coming up on Monday the best single owner will recap all the action championship Sunday what's the latest from the never ending MOB scandal and one star receivers run in with the law and who won the weekend cold we go Monday successor is the radio Tom Waddell here we talk bears were you on water would still be two to six on Chicago's home for bears fans ESPN one thousand we've got a slew of updates for it looks like it's nearly gets Terry gross over the middle as a wide open you're trying to win that's why you do it it's for that two three minutes afterwards of just sheer joy in football there are two things that fan base is clean and there's production you either have one of the two just wanted a mother probably right now today the best team in the AFC this is football frenzy on ESPN radio and ESPN at along side my Tenenbaum here's Anthony Salter all right so the Packers made it interesting or are I guess thirty four thirteen forty.

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