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This Friday Dan and the dench Dan Patrick Show Mark Cuban will join us on loan from Dallas Mavericks. Phone calls are welcome in about twenty minutes from now the final three holes of the match between Mario entitled the moderator and the loser of that match from yesterday. We'll get a shower of shame. We have water balloons that are ready, and we will pelt the loser. Nobody knows the Danettes don't know. I know the final results there, but not going to tip my hand at all I will say that I would not want to go through that again it was. It was everything that you thought it would be. And then some except for good golf, there is tension. There was controversy. There was some bad blood. There was gamesmanship lack of sportsmanship and a whole lot of Gulf. And there will be water balloons coming up. That'll be a firing squad for the loser. In the final hour of the program eight seven seven three DP show email address, ep Dan. Patrick dot com remember when football had time on its side. Suddenly it doesn't feel like football has as much time on its side as you would think you know in May we went, and football's got a lot of time. Figure this out. They're going to be able to glean from the other leagues. What they're doing what they did, but they didn't do college football. Hey, going ahead. Hey, we may have twenty thousand fans instead of eighty or ninety thousand fans. Now we're in late, June now all of a sudden college football starting to look at the reality of this. The number of Cova cases in other states that didn't have hotspots back in May and suddenly they have them now here in June. What's going to happen in July? preseason football is in six weeks from now getting students on campus players on campus players testing positive here suddenly, football doesn't have as much time on it side. As we thought and Dr Foul She. Heads up the CDC said yesterday. He asks his doubts about football playing this season. But you know he's not aligned with any league. We had the chief medical officer from the NFL Dr, Sills, who joined us, and of course he's aligned with the League. I thought he was coming on and made available just so he could say hey, don't worry about this. Dr Fouled. She has nothing to do with the NFL Ezekiel Elliott test positive. All of a sudden, the NFL makes their chief medical officer available twelve minutes before surgery..

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