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The philistines with sworn enemies of israel. And so it made sense. They ended up in the war. The philistines and the israelites. Both camped opposite signs of a valley ready to do battle. Now they just wanted each other made slowly faces in the direction of their enemies however one day the silly faces ended the philistines called authors. Secret weapon a giant named goliath. Oh gaffe the guy was nine feet tall with some seriously thick and heavy armor. He had this spear that weighed more than most dudes of the day. Goliath stepped forward his footsteps causing many quake's these riots. Quick to but not just because the ground was shaking because they were scared out of their minds glaviano side in a big booming voice. Why have you dead come up to battle. I will make a deal. The only chance you have to win. Choose a fighter for your side and send them against me if he wins. Then you win this battle. We will commit to serving you. But if i win. This is a lot more likely arming. Have you seen the my biceps. Then you must be. our servants. Goliath drove a hard bargain was an offer. The israelites couldn't reviews because literally they couldn't philistines had a giant on their side. So is the king of the israelites at this time. He looked down at his minute of valor his fierce warriors. But they were all trying to hide behind tents and barrels one guy shouted knows goes every soldier mainly put their finger on their nose saul saw that no one wanted to fight so he became greatly afraid meanwhile in a city far away from the battle. A young boy named david of bethlehem traveled to the camp on his father's order. David had to bring food to his three oldest brothers who certain saul's army. He also carried with him a wide sort of cheeses for the commander of the army. No i didn't have that in. That's in the scripture. David not worked with the sheep but he left them in the care of another so he could go on this journey to become the world's first store dash deliver when david finally got to the camp and found his brothers. He walked into a meeting.

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