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We'll that was a concern prior to but this was more. This more came off as like, wow, you really are not excited to see me. Like, this was more. Like, oh, you made a split decision that like now, you're not interested for whatever reason. And so you are leaving me in a dark room. So you can go take a nap. So here's the thing. Let's say you're not interested anymore. Too bad. You have a guest now. Yeah. He could just be friends with you now and each should he shouldn't sleep. Like, no matter what not none of them make sense. I can't imagine a scenario in which even one of my closest friends came to visit me in New York, and I would. Leave them in a room and go to sleep me while you're covered pussies. I know I'm primed and ready to go. We just had sushi you're gonna have sushi. Hello. It's just how did you? How did you realize he fell asleep? You're texting him from the other room. Well, he fell asleep and leave your snoring. He yes, God. I go in there to check I go in there check, and he is fast asleep. So I don't know. I mean, I don't know if he's out for the night. I really don't. I'm freaking out at this point to be honest because I don't know what I'm doing there. I'm in a stranger's house, and it's such a lack of care. I just it so rude on so many levels. And I I don't know if I should wake him up or if I should just wait for I decided to wait for him. He was out for an hour. And then after an hour goes by he gets up, and he's just kind of like uh. Sorry, I fell asleep. Look what you do for. No. Are you texting Andrea? 'cause you don't know how to work is reading a book. I am sitting in the living room reading a fucking blows. Is actually very good book. How to lose friends and fun? I I it's it's a great book. It's by miss, Pat. Miss pat. Yeah. It's called rabbit, very good buck. But anyway, he comes out. He he actually ends up taking a shower after the nap. Oh, so his promises are real. Yes. Great. Exactly good. I said a show. And then he comes. He sits down on the couch, and I'm still internally freaking out having kissed or anything, we even kissed. We haven't touched nothing. Did you? Hello. Yes. Put it was in a car. So, you know, like in that cramped space like side hug situation and even get out of the car. He did not get. Oh my God. He didn't get out of the car. I don't understand this. I don't understand it either. As a as a human just if you are coming to visit me, and I'm picking you up, and I don't even want to have sex like just an acquaintance get the fuck out. Oh my God. I know, and what's so funny about this is everything that transpired..

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