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Never seen anything like that in my life Speechless, Unbelievable Game one of the best games we have ever witnessed. Period. Somehow, Brett Phillips comes off the bench comes up with a base hit the tying run scores A rose arena would have been out by 30 Ft of the plate. Smith had the ball. And somehow it came out of his mitt and rolled away to the right. A Rosa Raina took off for home slid in safely and against all odds, the Tampa Bay Rays have won the game and have tied the Syriza too. Unbelievable. Just said you've got to go back outside with the fastball. Throw it a little bit off. The plate of pitch was just called for a strike there, even if it's not called for a strike the next time you're gonna have Phillips leading out, and then he'd be susceptible for the cutter never gave you any information. You'd try to go back to the counter. You gave him a pitch that he could at least get the bad too. If you could get back to it. You got a chance to put it when you put it in play. There's so much more that we just saw in the replay. A Rosa Raina fell down between third and home. He was lying on the ground got back up. Smith didn't know if he took the relay throw and tried to swipe attack down on a runner who wasn't there wasn't anywhere near the plate. And when he swiped his glove to where he thought the runner was the ball flew out of his men flew out of this man. Also remember, Taylor kicked it around in the outfield. So to miss plays defensively and a Rosa Raina comes into score and Tampa Bay wins the game and forgive me another look at it. Smith did try to swipe the tag. But he never cleanly caught the throw. And it glanced off. Hizmet went away from him and somehow in an incredible miraculously finish the Tampa Bay Rays who guys seem to be swimming upstream the whole night. A whole night. Let's say, find a way to win the game and tie the serious. Oh, my goodness. They This's just unbelievable, but it's awesome at the same time for the Rays and changes the entire Siri's instead of going into Game five down three games to one with Clayton Kershaw on them out. They've got their starter fresh. It's tied it to last. Now. Tomorrow night. This this was Game seven for the right. Even the way they are a celebrating Brett Phillips running around out there. With the entire team chasing him. It felt like the entire Siri's Dan rested on this game. That's why they went all in the last.

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