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Los Angeles county could have been as high as four hundred and forty two thousand back in early April that would be up to fifty five times higher than the confirmed cases at that time that is a crazy numbers so what implies this we're not doing enough testing CBS news medical contributor Dr David agus every location needs to have data like this and this is one of the underpinnings of making a decision if you're a governor do we let people out of the state home rules Boeing is putting twenty seven thousand people back to work this week building passenger jets in the Seattle area north Dakota's largest manufacturer of farm equipment maker is re opened its three factories for twenty two hundred workers in a tweet president trump side of the virus and the need to protect jobs as he plans to temporarily suspend immigration into the U. S. CBS news White House correspondent we J. CBS news has learned that the administration has been working on executive action for several weeks sources say it won't be a blanket ban and will have some exceptions and nuances all designed to avoid nationwide injunctions in the court system about travel and immigration have already been restricted due to the corona virus R. March twentieth the administration effectively halted new visa applications and president trump has repeatedly praised his decision to ban travel from China and Europe and both the northern and southern border has been closed to all non essential travel several big questions are still looming this morning like how is this going to impact green card holders how long is the band going to last and whether the president even has the constitutional authority to carry it out and about a new rescue bill still being finalized in Washington there's word it will likely include three hundred ten billion for the paycheck protection program sixty billion for rural and minority led businesses seventy five billion for hospitals and twenty five billion dollars for cold it testing health experts do warn there is not enough widespread testing now and that could be a factor if the problem persists and the virus rebounds again in the summer or fall CBS's Stephen Portnoy governors of both parties say their states lack the supplies needed to conduct wide scale testing Maryland's Republican governor just secured kits for five hundred thousand tests from South Korea but president trump said Larry Hogan didn't need to do that no I don't think the south Koreans and needed to get a little knowledge would have been helpful Mr trump and his aides claim Hogan was unaware that the federal labs in Maryland would offer assistance Hogan says he certainly knew of the federal labs in his state and he adds he's been desperately trying to get their help oversee he is in London CBS's Vicki Barker says the pandemic is for state historic change for the British parliament because social distancing rules mean British lawmakers will have to sit six feet apart turning up to fifty will actually physically be in the chamber at any one time journalist Caroline Wheeler says several big screens have been set up so the rest can attend via zoom it's the first time in parliament seven hundred year history that lawmakers have been allowed to attend in absentia Queen Elizabeth is celebrating her ninety fourth birthday today quietly at Windsor Castle because of the pandemic Germany's famed Oktoberfest.

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