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Here on Sunday January twentieth. Two thousand nineteen I know we've had a storm, and it's bitter cold out there. So I hope you're home and safe and sound and warm and that you are tuning into us here on WBZ. Boston's News Radio as I say, you're joining us with weekend live with MAURICE into Franko. And tonight, we have a very very special guest with us who is going to talk to us about various things dealing with the Israeli American relationship. A very good relationship that we have with one of our strongest allies, and we wanna hear from you six one seven two five four ten thirty with questions for our guest. And I'm going to bring him on in a moment. But first I want to give you a little bit of background again. Everybody welk. Tonight. You know, you can find us at six one seven two five four ten thirty. And I want to hear from you on this very important topic regarding. Regarding our special guest, Mr David Rubin, who is the former mayor of Shiloh Israel, and he is the author of a new book Trump and the Jews he is also the founder and president of Shiloh Israel children's fund and you can find that website at Shiloh Israel, children dot org. And that is a fund that he established after he and his then three year old son were wounded in a terror attack. He can also be found at WWW dot, David Ruben, Israel dot com, and a little bit more on his background is that as I mentioned, he is he was the former mayor of Shiloh Israel, and he has written other books as well about the isra- Israel US relationship and those books include the Islamic soon. Nami Israel and America in the age of Obama and peace for peace and tonight, we're going to talk about various. Various issues wide ranging issues between Israel and the US. But we're also going to focus on the the very troubling. And disturbing theme that has been occurring with a lot of American politicians in particular. Cossio Cortez when she was saying that members of the migrant caravan were similar to Jews fleeing Nazi Germany, and we have that's why we're having our expert guest on tonight to speak directly to this very unacceptable. And that's putting it mildly statement by acopia Cortez, and and other other than the on the left and others in the Democratic Party. So without further ado, I bring you mayor David Ruben. Hello, David, welcome to weaken live. TV with you. Thank you so much for being our guest tonight. How are you doing tonight? I'm doing great. Excellent. So if there's anything in your bio, I miss, you know, we you can let the listeners know any other tidbits you'd like them to know about you. Okay. Well, we'll we'll be on the phone for a while. So we'll be talking through its right? Excellent. Okay. Okay. So we just I think we should just jump right in. Because I I was interested in having you as the guest because I was so happy to see, you know, there's there is many. There's some pushback against comments like Alexandria, Cortes, Cosio Cortez's, but not in most of our media. And so, you know, I think you said quote juicer of sheer sorry, not accused because you said it appropriately sheer ignorance and this blind radical left dogma, which I found supremely offensive, and I like you to tell our listeners about that. Well, it's troubling. We we have to remember that the Democratic Party was once the party of Harry Truman knew this was this was a party that that always had a reputation of being go. We had a very moderate and very strongly connected with the state of Israel. And things things have changed their there are all these new far left members of the democrat party, and the and they're they're just pulling everything to the last two point where you will you find that the the moderate Democrats? Very hard times. The opinions that. A constructive and positive in terms of America's domestic and foreign policy. And so can you tell listeners what exactly what will go into the heart of her statement? What was wrong with it in European? There's a. Obviously, what has been going on recently. And you know, we should get into some of the details about about it. But every everyone would agree with the fact that there that there are migrants coming by the sows. To the Americans American Mexico border. And they're seeking to illegally infiltrates the United States. Now, you know, whether whether that's ok whether it's not, okay. That's you know, that's a matter for some debates. And it's it's been pretty intense debate, as we know is caused the government shutdown, but you know, you can have polarizing debate. You could have a very serious debate. Abandon issue like this. But once you start comparing making analogies making comparisons that are totally false, historically. Then then that's that's what we run into real real problem. And so two Cortez compared the the migrant caravan. You know? Illegal immigrants trying to illegally immigrated to America. Right. And comparing them to Jews fleeing the Nazi holocaust. I to be very offensive. The there was never a doubt that Jews who were fleeing Nazi Germany. Were. Were real real true style seekers? No nobody ever questioned that right at that time and never never question about whether they were legitimate asylum seekers. But everyone would agree that. At least a very substantial portion of these these illegal immigrants trying to come in from Doris. Via mexico. That they're not legitimate asylum seekers, maybe some in there that are. But there's ever a question about the Jews fleeing Nazi Germany, so to to make that comparison is just obscene insensitive, and or or totally ignorant. Exactly. And so I I think obscene you hit the nail on the head. Do you think it's really a matter of ignorance, a do you think? I mean, do you find do you think the statement is borderline antisemitic restraint semitic? Yeah. And in her case in her case, I really think that that her anti Israel statements and her her anti Jewish statements says as this certainly was. I really think that it's based on ignorance. Where I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt. I like to get people benefit of doubt. I I did I did write about her a little bit in my book Trump and Jews because I have an entire section about that. But that the default left and their misunderstanding of history. Yes. But while I'm willing. I'm willing at this point at least to give cost you Cortez. Do the benefit of the doubt, I'm into God's sakes. He's only twenty nine years old. I totally inexperienced. So I I. Achievement yourself in that interview, which he started talking about these rally. Occupation the settlements since she obviously didn't know what to talk about. And and she said, so. So so I'm willing to give for the benefit of doubt. But then there are these other new congress congresswoman to them the the two Muslims. Commissioner again, I definitely want to hear your thoughts on that. We just have to take a quick break. But when we come back, I definitely want to hear you on that. And also talk a little bit about that chapter. You mentioned in Trump in the Jews. So I'm just hang their tape for a few minutes, and we're just gonna take a quick break. Is that okay? That sounds good. Okay. So everybody six one seven two five four ten thirty. This is your chance to talk to a real expert on this issue. So please give us a call six one seven two five four ten thirty. We're gonna take a quick break. I'm Marie Franko. You're listening to weekend.

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