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Eighty five Alex Williams you trouble on the W. S. P. jam cam a crash car off the roadway to eighty five north bound the outer loop in the cab before church street exit forty that's slowing right they're taking a live look at stormtracker radar heavy rain affecting to eighty five to eighty five on the north a or the east side of town between I seventy five in Clayton county making your way into the cab county heavy rain falling use caution get those headlights on triple team traffic ninety five one five WSEE all right not only do we have a crazy amount of rain and a tornado watches but now we have a tornado warning for part of the state so want to bring in Kirk malice and get some clarity to all this kirke there yes I am what's with the tornado warning is this is the latest bit of news aware of what what what does that apply to yeah that's storms way off to our east moving into while beryl county and southeastern Jackson County and northwestern Walton county that tornado warning is in effect until ten thirty all right now W. speech dorm tracker radar showing the worst of that storm just to the north west of Bogart which is off to the east of awe wonder and Bethlehem that's the most threatening storm in the area right now again that tornado warning means take cover immediately so in effect until ten thirty but we also have a line of strong to severe thunderstorms stretching just across the east and south parts of metro Atlanta from a sugar hill and Brazelton down to Lawrenceville Duluth Snellville pine lake redan down toward she's point of four's park Fairburn Riverdale all the way down towards the noon in the area and is moving towards the northeast at about forty miles an hour now we have kind of as a mixed picture right now because of some areas are being are cleared of the tornado watch while some areas are having the tornado watch extended it has been canceled it being the tornado watch has now been dropped if you live in Bartow county Cherokee county or Paulding county no more tornado watch for you on the other hand the watch has been extended for areas to our east like beryl county and down to Rockdale county eastward including Walton county and that's been extended until five PM on the east side of town this is one of those days were going to get hit with rain and both the A. M. drive and then the PM drive home is it going to be as bad going home as it with as it was coming in or how does it look on that front no fortunately I think the next rush hour while ill still be wet in many areas it does not look like it'll be as intense of rain as we had this morning and the severe weather threat is going to go away as well right now we're picking up a lightening of almost five hundred flashes per hour that's down from thousands earlier during the morning commute and the WSB T. T. I. off the doppler radar tornado threat index is moderate at a five on a scale of one to ten but I do expect that the worst of the weather is going to be leaving the metro area between now and about two PM and they'll be struck a match and flash flooding just all over the place yes that's going to continue the flood warnings continue until at least two PM and as additional rain comes in heavy at times for the next few hours some new warnings could pop up all right well you know we got you covered because we got Kirk and he's the best and if you don't mind like to check in with you in another hour or so just see where we.

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