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Now the WGN forecast. Here's Tom skilling. Thunderstorms are to bring an end to our exceptional warmth today. It's been the warmest day in two weeks in Chicago, we've had highs in the mid to upper eighties across the area way out of line for this time of the year or tomorrow will be more than twenty five degrees cooler, and we'll keep an eye on a second storm system doing here. Thursday night, Friday and Friday night could bring some heavy rainfall at that time eighty she'll be back early next week tonight, partly cloudy and windy, a period of gusty thunderstorms late tonight between eleven pm and four AM several severe storms. Are possible at that time turning much cooler by morning, low fifty two Thursday, partly sunny, breezy, much, cooler temperatures down more than twenty five degrees compared to today. High of just sixty tomorrow Thursday night, clouds over showers, late low fifty one and Friday ways of showers and storms. Heavy rainfalls possible. Breezy hind Friday up to seventy one Saturday, mostly cloudy seasonable. Temperatures perhaps a few scattered showers and thunderstorms seventy-one for a high sixty s at the lakeshore on Saturday and Sunday for the marathon, cloudy spotty showers. Grow more numerous during the day thunder possible later on high Sunday up to sixty seven. I'm Tom skilling in the WGN weather shedder. It is eighty seven degrees at O'Hare midway eighty seven Joliet. Eighty eight. It's Eighty-six degrees along Chicago's lakefront. Winds are south west twenty one miles an hour. The barometer is falling pilot the WGN newsroom ready to join the conversation. Whenever a story changes on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN. Contract with added wants us right here. Seven twenty WGN..

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