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The jets figured out a way to be able to stop the run but clearly that was not the case last week yeah and i get questions about marche on two but this is a guy you have to play this week unless you're really deep at running back and a lot of people are if you're lucky enough to draft aaa karim honored alan cooke as well but links could give you two or three touchdowns in this game because the jets are just not good against the run the jets are well not good in most aspects of football these days so i really do believe that beast mode will eat this weekend all right now there's a bunch of people who thought they found something last week they jumped on the waiver why are they got their brand new toys called to recall cullen and you've got him sitting here's here's the mindset here okay if if you pick him up and you need a reply eastman for david johnson for example okay i understand plant them but last week atlanta did not have a game plan for this kid and they were awful against passcatching running batch last year and that continued in week one now you've got the buccaneers who have had an extra week off to prepare for for the bears and for cohen last year they gave up the fifth us catches the fifth he was receiving yards in the fourth use targets the running backs on their home field a lot pincone is going to be a complete bust in fact i have to play 'em in one of my leeches affleck's but do not expect 12 targets do not expecting the put up a huge game this is not a situation where you're looking at a dobbin cook or a leonard tornado or one of these other rookies and you know oh there's going to be a lot of touches this is a tough match up and jordan howard is still in the mix and he's still the guy there in chicago is it closer to a committee yeah i it certainly is but cohen is someone i would temper my expectations for at least today mike thanks a lot they expect to hear from me during the week and good luck replacing david jatin because my friend you are going to need it you very.

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