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Joking. No, I couldn't cheat on you. Just ask Matt. He asked me. Don't tell him. I told you, but he asked if Farrah Fawcett was sitting there begging me to come to her. What? I Why I said yes. I'm only kidding. Bet you're smiling. Well, maybe not. Anyway, I said no, she aren't You proud of me? Hey, guess what I like, you know? No, I love you know, I need, you know. Wait, I miss you. No, I do mean it. I don't know Love, Jason. Oh, my goodness, Kenny, that lake of the Ozarks where those are let's set It's a good kitty. You do a really good job with those. I just such a non actor. Just okay, I'll take the compliment, but you know what it reminded me of last weekend. I'm packing up my office in Minneapolis and I come across my career in a box file, and there's a bunch of letters in there from listeners, females from the eighties. I'm going to say, eighties early nineties where the guy was working with we had an erotic letter contest. Where the listeners would write letters in with their erotic stories and fantasies involving us. Oh, my God! Oh, must take me to the O on duh. I was reading some of these and I'm like, Oh, my God, I should shred these that this is a bad ball. Yeah, I wonder. No, No, I'm not gonna give him to Rocco. No. Yes, please. We need to spend off Kenny. We really need us. Where? Yes. Well, if I could, somebody that's gonna come from those they've already been packed up. So if I can find him here in the next couple of months, all off Tripoli movers that could help with that. And I think I think we must have asked for photos because there's a whole bunch of pictures and they are scandalous pictures. My cool and and this was before this was before phones and printers and all of that, so they had to take these photos to the drug story. Development. Oh, Fox, Focus. Yeah. Before Lawsuits. Obviously, yes..

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