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Weather from Ko Phi Sunny tomorrow we're looking attempts ranging from around 82 low nineties. It's slow on the 14 in Newhall. This's the North found cyberscene delays and stretches, leaving the five travel ahead towards Soledad Canyon Road. Let's Give them the update with Mike O'Brien KF Eye in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. South bound side of one on one that closing a loading up right at Sunset Boulevard loading up and very heavy from that point sunset down in downtown Los Angeles north bound side of the one on one just tight through downtown to the four level and then beyond that, not too bad up through the Kalinga past. Top outside of the five very tough now out of East Los Angeles. Fact that's gonna stay tough all the way down to the 605605 South bound. You get very slow trip there on and off pretty much for Beverly down to the five Injured in the accident. Visit Superwoman super lawyer dot com Mike O'Brien K F I n the sky Hey, A pie in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm Angel Martinez. Cancer diagnosis. It's the first day of a battle that no one deserves. That's why you see health. We stop it nothing to treat the most complex cases to stay at the forefront of cancer treatment to deliver better patient care. We stopped at nothing to prevent to treat to cure cancer and to save lives for our patients. Beating cancer means everything at UC Health. We stop it. Nothing to deliver The extraordinary learn more at UC health dot org's size Stop it Nothing Hi. I am Garry Hoffman. Let's talk about your Medicare coverage. Scan health plan is for people with Medicare. You get comprehensive coverage plus extra benefits. That may surprise you. And it's all delivered with exceptional service You won't find elsewhere. If you're new to Medicare.

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