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It back then i mean it was it in the context of 1997 it was enjoyable watching it today it just reeks of the nineties and there's not a good way i mean michael jay white as spawn a he's good i think he holds own actually does a good job in the movie a but the venus special effects it wasn't until star wars the 1999 and in the matrix the two of those kind of redefined special effects and said oh no no no no just 'cause you have these digital things he got actually still produce some sort of foetal realism quality it on the late 90s likes movies like species and and spawn these the effects look like cartoons now it i mean it looked goal dan because he hadn't seen this before sorta like weird morphine technology that looks really goofy when you look back at it the facts do not hold up have you got to remember this came out a year before batman and robin which was the joel schumacher batman film at completely killed the franchise so this is sort of the meal you it was dealing with and it works in that style but it is way over the top at an immediate hits like zero to sixty from the beginning i mean they try tryon they give back story and stuff they don't even need to give back story on in the beginning martin sheen choose the scenery like crazy is the bad guy but i still have to say there's a certain enjoyable quality to it of specially view frame in in the context of it was made with video toasters detected any seven so ultimately i am still going to stay that spun hina rocks cash iraq's now the movies this week is wonder which i didn't like rummaging israel esquire which ousted in like introduce the season one which i haven't seen any ways that is it for this week i need to go what i come back next week i'm going to be talking about a nine elation and game not until then have a fat time it movies.

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