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Hanging their hope you feel better but this whole idea about a five man rotation being a recent in recent invention oh my god now casey stangl when he came over to the yankees nineteen forty eight i guess was forty eight or forty nine first thing he did five man rotation yankee who's five man rotation for the entire time that casey stangl was their manager from forty was forty eight through nineteen sixty exception not the rule i'm reading right here from white forts book called slick eight talks about it and he talks about that the five men patient with actually the idea of singles pitching coach jim turner because trying to believe that the pitching staff and other teams they had great ones but they got tired out in the last six weeks of the season and so when you know they got into the world series it didn't do well and that's why the yankees always did well because they had a five man rotation ford whitey ford came up in chile of nineteen fifty they brought him up from the minors to be the fifth man in that rotation because the guy who had been the fifth man wasn't very good and they brought whitey ford up and he pitched the twelfth starts they with nine and one not bad for a fifth man and you know it's not new it's been around well that that wasn't what we were debating and yankees yes us five man rotation they were kind of game changes when they did it but it didn't become full usage across the board all major league teams until in the seventies no no well we understand that but what what what he was saying you know that nobody had to five man rotation but the best team some of the best teams did they got rid of it yankees switch back to a fourman vocation in nineteen sixty one one how took over because he brought in johnny sain then saying believed that you know you could pitch forever remember when he was with the.

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