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Weekly Look at the world melting down Brian suits year until 11 in and you know, I like my counter insurgency movies, right? And forming. I think people's idea what a militia is, Um, maybe a little different than what it traditionally but But anyway, um I. Someday I'll do a counterinsurgency film festival, you know, remotely or virtually or whatever. But in the third hour for workaholics new movie That's Z. Maybe in a week. It won't be, but I knew movie dropped on Netflix last night, and it's French. And, um, but it comes in Les Les titles do sub and I'll tell you, but I think you should see it. It's Zach Counterinsurgency movie. Um, a recent one. But my my My Hall of Fame, of course in includes Rain of fire, which I maintain, is a counterinsurgency movie. It's humans versus Dragons and the Dragons have taken over the world it for me. If you're wondering, you know, where do I get off, saying saying that the humans are the insurgents. The dragons are the counter insurgents and then the ultimate counterinsurgency movie. Is the battle of Algiers and I've explained this in the past to s O s. Oh, speaking of that, by the way, this time a lot this time, But, you know, the day after costume, Soleimani was killed. In Baghdad. The American Special Operations base in Kenya. Was attacked on the ground by we now learn. It's taken a year for them to release a video. But the al Shabaab Al Qaeda of franchise the Fraser to Al Qaeda as Cheers. Um, they released a pretty slick video. They had drones overhead. Um, videoing the action, You know, obviously, they were pre placed and the man debate facility. It's not huge, but it's an airstrip that could take a C 17 usually taking c one thirties. It supports special operations operating in Somalia. So between Djibouti, which is the main base of the for the East Africa, this other one called Manda Bay. Was a pretty big bass, and it didn't appear to be very well guarded because only only 10 got according to their own video. Andre Al Shabaab lost, I guess about 10 guys, this may but only about 15. People attacked this base. We're able to breach it. They killed one American servicemen and two contractors who were the physical guards and the the drone footage. Video actually finds them. Lying down and prone and shooting and the main target where the aircraft and they wind up destroying several $100 million with worth of American aircraft. Um some some C 1 46 wolf founds, which is a A Dornier, a twin engine turboprop that US SOCom uses quite a bit in Africa. And if you see those flying around from Sicily to Libya or Sicily to Kenya, they probably have people with only one first name. Board anyway. Some of those were destroyed. It was it. It was a lot more significant attack, then remember the Pentagon admitting a year ago, and it probably has a lot to do with The interim secretary of defense, Miller, the guy you know who was in the office for only about a month after after Mark Esper was resigned. Hey, very quickly moved American troops. All to Kenya. They're still in Djibouti, but there were troops that were forward base in Somalia. And what? They didn't talk about that a lot. But they were forward based in Somalia, and it may have to do with why he brought people back to Kenya because there was a really, really light force on the ground there, but anyway that videos out On. It's just the biggest question was. Why did it take them a year? Tonto? This all right? So you're you're hearing a lot about militias and two that are most prominent Including a bunch of indictments today are two indictments today on one group called called The Proud Boys. There's another group called the Oath Keepers. Now People who join the oath keepers probably would describe it as a militia. It's a very loosely organized nationwide group of people who The initial recruiting pitches if you've ever served in uniform in the military or police, and you've taken an oath when you took off the uniform, did you stop taking the oath? So if you've done that once, why don't you do it with our organization called the oath Keepers and I I was a early recruit, and I I was interested. It was. Of course, it was a response to Obama being elected, which is the part I didn't like was You know how come he didn't do this when Clinton was elected, But I never formally joined the group and I stopped even After after two years well in the fullness of time. In after two Obama administration's and one Trump administration. They fancy themselves as a Militia and they do attract a lot of former military and some some people, for some reason, are shocked at how many of the arrests for the January 6 riot. And D C or former military May I still call it the riot, But you know if you have a riot, and it's interrupting with the, um with the business of government Uh, it might cross into insurrection. I just think it was a bunch of it was a riot of idiots, and they didn't quite understand that you can't do this. When Congress is in session. You don't get to interrupt them, And that's actually a crime directed at all of us because we have a vested interest in Congress operating freely doesn't matter who's in charge. We all have to agree. That the Constitution is what we're supporting and defending right? Well, that's not what they were doing, so they, In fact, we're not keeping their oath. Um, but there are those who say that some people in in some of those groups, uh did because I said, if you don't have a plan, it's not an insurrection. If you don't have a go, what's the goal to go in there? And Execute every Congress person, including the Republicans, and think nothing's gonna happen. That's a bad plan. In fact, so bad It's not a plan. But you know I won't debate you. If you want to say insurrection here. Here's the bottom line of front before we come back If You belong to an organization larger than two people. And you call yourself a militia and you give yourself a name. You're going to be infiltrated. If you haven't been already. If you have a militia of one, and you know for sure you're not a fed. That's the only way or State or county or local. That's the only way to guarantee you haven't been infiltrated. And this, by the way, includes your far left wing activist organizations back with more. How do you know if your organization has been infiltrated by law enforcement? Right After this? It's the dark secret place. Brian sits in here until 11 K. If I am sick, 40 live everywhere on the IRA radio up loud. It's the.

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