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Had high in the air left-center pretty keep tapping going back way back. He can't get it. It is a top wall. Comes back into play around. Third digging for the plate as smith and he will score headfirst as the throw is up. The third base line going to second at stopping their pounding. His chest once is tomas. Nino didn't miss a home run by more than a hair if he missed it at all as a great call by how in the open and it turns out. It was a home run. That was how he rose. Jerry it sure was not sits out there. Really good call and so They do win three one that turned out to be a two run homer for neto. The go ahead home. Run james mcandrew drive in a run early with a groundout. As for degrom couple of things here he pitches five innings. Three hit ball nine strikeouts gave the solo homerun run whatever he also really had a double i know he got thrown out on a review but He's doing really great things manage louise. Ross i mean he was right again. both on the mound and Also as a hitter right. and that's base ron. I know the right. Everyone does it. But then my wife donna. Right i said to al before you know when you're watching him. You know gary and keith. They're there before he came up for his first at bat. In like no way they're gonna let them swing right now. Not only swing. He's basically got a double in the game and his second at bat so he was really good. Here is degrom the key to success. Take it one pitch at a time. One out at a time and and go from there and try to be in every game. You're welcome. thank you terry. funny in terms of his health if felt good You know working through a couple of mechanical adjustments and felt like. I was able to repeat my delivery quite a bit tonight now. He gets the no decision because again need a home comes in the six. Miguel castro who dominated al's favorite pitcher four strikeouts over to. He's been he's been really season. I agree The mets did acquired. Outfielder billy mckinney from the brewers Also you've noticed to get hurt. The price starting. I bet you play tonight. I'm sure that he will not be surprised if he can run his face into the wall. Noah syndergaard did leave a rehab start with a sore elbow. Not sure of the details there. And then tonight. You've got marcus. Stroman against her mon- marquez. Louis ross with carmen roberts on the fan at five thirty as for the yankees. I really thought that they were going to blast stephen mats that was not the case instead. The blue jays blasted away themselves as swung on drilled to rate centerfield and deepen. That ball is.

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