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I said well this is my charlton heston mogi this is jimmy stewart film and you know you're gonna have a lot of people say no stay away from that why because it's controversial i said well if you put a guy in a cross isn't anybody that gets put on across kind of controversial but are all controversies evil and tell you something that affects me this way and i'm a christian but i never said that i was a great christian but every time i i watched that film i realize the the depth and the profound love that is god the father and his son and what and and the true humanity and suffering that he went through to reconcile ban to god and i and i i'm like i feel like crap because i'm you know that happened impart for me and everybody else there's beautiful parts to sean and and that's why people love you they dented with you and they believe in you and we have to try to you know be the best part of what we can you know trying to look at the the cup is half full well you're a good man i want to ask you years ago i read paul of tarsus by what my favorite novelist that one of them is taylor caldwell have been mazing writer and and she always wrote a or she wrote often with religious themes which is interesting because he believed in reincarnation and i don't agree with her views on a lot of things but that putting that aside this is an amazing film about an amazing italian amazing stories so why don't you give people little insight sixty seven.

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