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Scott Goldberg president trump is not backing down from his recent tweets suggesting for democratic Congress women of color should go back to where they came from all four women are U. S. citizens resident trump is keeping up his attacks on for democratic congresswoman saying today at the White House he believes they hate America I asked the president you see these women lawmakers should leave the country if they're not happy where should they go up to them wherever they want or they can stay but they should love our country they shouldn't hate our country the president said that Congress women have said quote vile horrible things about the U. S. but he did not elaborate with specifics Karen Travers ABC news the White House house lawmakers are voting this evening on a resolution condemning at the president's comments that many Democrats have decried as racist survivors of Eric garner say they're angry after the justice department said it would not bring federal civil rights charges against the New York City police officers involved in garner's twenty fourteen chokehold death when cars garner's mother that office up all the officers who was involved in my son's death that they need to be off the boss the streets of New York City is not safe with them walking around tomorrow marks five years since garner's death then Chicago singer R. Kelly charged with federal sex crimes will remain in federal custody wearing an orange jumpsuit and shackled at his ankles are Kelly entered the Chicago courthouse the federal prosecutor arguing that the charges show the singer is a flight risk a risk of obstructing justice and a danger to the community R. Kelly's attorney saying his client is broke has nowhere to go and is made all of his other court appearances but the judge claiming the defendant has failed to overcome the presumption of the series.

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