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Found the part of you. That's where you lived was up there right? But then at some point, did did the confidence start to collapse in the other thing takeover? Did you did you just ride that all the way through school and ongoing Vanya right into Muriel's wedding where you just fucking all I'm I'm I'm great. Now. There's no I'm grace amine on always like. nervous and feel inadequate but good. Apparently, my bowls would be until gotta like I just I don't know where these bribery came from right right right right. So like so yeah, you were compelled you were there was no other way of life for you and the fear which just you know it became just part of. The way of life you chose, but it wasn't going to take you down. To Larry's. Okay. That sounds taps appropriate. I Dunno as a young woman especially straight, and then all of a sudden I was working away a lot in other places or always felt like a bit of outside. But I, think that's a good thing. It kind of keeps you humble I never felt confident in what I was doing. So I always worked. Just really hard Um yeah. Bassett outside also special like Oh. Here's the Australian. Right semi announcing bassin, but you're all pretty good. So it's good. There's no. I'm yet to see like a Shitty Australian whoever that other guy? That fucking guy? Just I, didn't realize he was Australia until recently that Mendelssohn fell how ben well, fuck actor that guy is this has been ben seventeen. Really, how old was he? He's only a few years older than me. Yeah. which movie was at Spotswood. Yeah. That's the one looking it with screenwriting, referencing left and right now we have really impressive I just read a word It was very very imaginatively retitled the efficiency expert in America who wants to say the efficiency X. Bet I don't know about the same amount of people that want to spotswood. Squats. What at least has a sense of Hema? What it means, but you kind of like what is that she got to work with Anthony Hopkins on your first movie and then he's assistant again, several years later, we would just going can you believe this in Hitchcock's and hitchcock? That's right back was he sober on Spotswood? I was too young to notice. Wow, because I know he's been sober long but I wonder so but so Muriel's wedding was huge. That was pretty quick. That happened pretty quick. Yep I was twin turned twenty one during the shoes and then I spent a year traveling around during press Fritz and everything just changed yet was pretty fast and did you adjust to that well or did you lose your mind? thereby. Yeah. Probably a bit about it was really fun. So then you feel guilty feeling about it right? Because you are just leaving the dream and meeting amazing people and traveling and having a great time, but it was also. A. Lauch. It's interesting because all these movies you did early on the it when I was reading about you. It's you. You are fortunate in that you ninety eight percent of the time you know your performance will stand out despite whatever the fuck and movie is. So. It's a real gift you have that like even it seems that even when the movie is not great but Tony go at like an amazing. So. It's great and you know and also like. that. Some of the movies you're in made a Lotta.

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