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Shelters in and houston area let parents know that the kids are safe i'm gonna quickly turned to uh mike lindell's mightly they of course is the owner founder the bitter creator of my pillow mike i just got a tweet from a friend of mine he said that you sit sixty thousand mypillows to houston for the flood victims and considering we're talking about one hundred bucks for about two they come to almost three million dollars retail yeah we are we've got we're seven down in our founding a crude gone god help them all gone there are leaving our friday morning of the truck rowland and get a you are not good every get them all i'm going to get them all distributive ga yeah i just wanted to help out at uh uh we also held larry i i foundational mike or the lingo foundation got or what we're doing there if angry wants to give any money if the hunger no i'm hearing all the overhead so your money will go right who the people in need there's no there's no other there's no over out there are no tarico not being solved give us a give us that give us the the rest again at lindau foundation got or li indeed double el foundation dot org right and now we we're we're we're starting out larry that was going to be we were going to launch got in a couple of weeks because this felt meyer cards to.

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