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No one hundred and seventy five foot concrete silo it went down the wrong way and crashed down on a new library building oh let's get a cousin send to do it yeah we'll save some money hundreds of spectators were watching at the harbor in boarding i think runs that closer now gathered at the shore they had boats in the harbour explosion for forty time four forty was the actual time and the the silo went down the wrong way and destroyed the nearby library and cultural center no one was injured except for the egos of the demolition project managers i do simply not know how it may have gone so bad said blasting manager kenny wadey kenny again i will put my head on the block we have prepared a half of year for this they don't know what they don't know what's wrong they don't know what happened the silo fell the wrong with the opposite direction from where it was supposed to fall and took the library out that's it for him ladies and gentlemen john elliott joins us with your officials cbs fm forecast if the stakes are that high and there is no excuse all right the numbers are not high we're going to be about the the high today forty seven is the normal high for the seventh of march so we're about a month behind normal it's dry watch for increasing clouds chances some snow overnight it'll change over to rain tomorrow morning it's not a big deal it's just kind of the novelty of these flakes that won't go away forty nine tomorrow with showers on and off during the day fifty five wednesday by variety were right around seventy seventy again on saturday something to look forward to right now the wind chill is twenty six forty seven later today you have the award on the on the coffee table at home as the nation's number one forecaster where wind when did your nearest projection of a forecast at won't have the word snow in it now is this the nation of denmark or the phnom guys you know i will say statistically speaking it can snow as late as may but that said in context of this big shift in the jet that brings us into the seventies this weekend even though it's short lived and we're right back in the.

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