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Think the thing that can be. You have to be careful of I. Suppose if you have what's your mind sort of? A. Charmed life or a successful life that you don't feel that there's anything that the scales have to be cost in one way life doesn't work like the fate is not sitting there somewhere thinking if had much of a good thing that got to do that is just the that's just what happens to think to people and talking about being open often reveal so much the other people on three to enough the human connections that can happen of the. Of the multiple Mattie things but. I think it's still something culturally maybe that brilliant about a lot of time I think it's I suppose it's just it's it's awkward. Isn't it? You don't want no one wants to make someone feel really sad if they feel they getting through the day and it's working for them also has the person that's being in that situation. You don't make other people fit all good. So But? You know I think that I think as a society. We do handle these things better than you know, say ten years ago. You know maybe one of the positive things. So it's out social media is that people are more open I. Don't know I think so I think. So definitely, and the more we everybody continues to talk about the things that are affecting them you know. Mental health issues with the things that. They become commonplace and the great thing about Carson, what you're doing is You know it. It doesn't make people. People don't feel alone. Yes. It's. It's helpful to other people that they know that the if it's happened to them, they're not the only ones. And actually talking of that when when I was initially thinking about. Having these conversations about working moms. One thing I thought is I really don't want it to feel that for every every woman that either. Work, or family life is the thing that is like the icing on top of everything under you know you can be doing your work. But Hey, if you're if you become a mother is going to access all this creativity in drive, you didn't know you had an his religion. Amazing..

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