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Burn out with dr john baloney you know john. That's gonna be drink a cool water for some folks that are in a desert. Yeah i think they had to do to survive and it's kind of barbell after twenty twenty right everybody either is looking at record profits but suddenly they got more employees their businesses. Not what they knew it to be or and they owned a dance studio or a karate studio and overnight it just went away and everybody's launched out of that. They looked up eight months later. Man they don't know their kids their spouse. They thought they could just treat yourself. It'd be okay man. People are really struggling. I'll speak for myself and say we had record profits more than we had anticipated And certainly more than we anticipated in the middle of the pandemic because it scared the bejesus out of everybody me included in terms of what it would do to the business. What would it do. The thousand people that i'm responsible for paying their payroll. I'm responsible for their kids eating as a result in the stress of that. But now we're the side of it and we've got these unbelievable profits but here's what. I probably only do my counseling on the monsters out there. But i think it's representative. I really do Looking my shoulder Like is there another thing coming. What are the stupid but stuff is the government gonna pull. What other stupid but stuff is somebody going to blow the mathematics up and make everybody completely irrational. When i mean because if they can do that crap once i mean it it it it's i don't i don't feel as stable even though i'm in great shape financially..

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