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This is npr news the california report is up next after a quick check of the roads from joe we are north one of south 101 add golf course in this perkier there's a report of a crash that sheriff it's blocking anything just happened in the baybridge a new crash reported west met at the west and at fremont street four cars acidity on the shoulder apparently at the off ramp itself the seventy crash westbound before glen cove bought a mile and a quarter before glen cove vehicle down the embankment actually of garbage truck joe mcconnell for kqed brought to you by compassion international good morning this is the california report and penny now send while we are fewer than sixty days from the start of the two thousand eighteen fire season and we have still not recovered from the fires that destroyed large parts of california in 2017 we're also still trying to learn from those fires in the northern part of our state more than forty people died kqed's marisa lagos and lisa pick off white have been investigating those fires and cinema and napa counties they spoke with the california report john sepulvado roussel let's start with your electrical problems presented in these fires and the electrical fires though that also sprung up how did those contribute to both the damage in the deaths yum so right after the fires began marie sent i filed some public record requests while sukhi lewis arco reporter was up reporting on the fires in person and one of the things that we found from those calls is that actually these electrical fire started really by four pm and by like seven you start hearing these calls every few minutes about transformers exploding like actually one on the highway 1 oon in windsor or also dislike power line arcane and then that builds the rest the night goes and so fire officials actually knew that there was a possibility the bad fire that and they were prepared because they knew that there were high wind conditions that have super dry but what they were prepared for we're all of these small fire starting all over at the same time and so every time especially there's an electrical incident it's read it a top priority because you know once power lines are down you can't drive over them and their super dangerous and so what happened is.

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