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For a busy Fourth of July holiday weekend. Kate McKay's Aubrey Aquino has the story. Tahoe insiders don't think the uptake in visitors will slow down any time soon. And that's not just for the upcoming weekend but the entire summer. Amy Barry is the CEO of Tahoe Fund. I think if you're coming up to Tahoe for the Fourth of July weekend, you should expected to be extremely crowded. There'll be a lot of people here, maybe more than actually sit in the basins, very explains newly appointed take care Tahoe ambassadors will be out and about to help educate travellers about leave no trace practices. She also advises people to have backup plans. A BNC ready as popular areas will fill up quickly and hot tubs will be in play to Aubrey Aquino. News 93.1 KFBK Governor Newsom is suing his secretary of state over a mistake on the recall ballot. KFBK is John Libertine explains his lawyers claim Gavin Newsom staff failed to list his party affiliation when recall paperwork was filed. He wants where everyone to know that he's the Democrat Tom Double. Caro runs rescue California org. Gavin would prefer this to be viewed as an US versus them election and not about his policies. The mix up it's Gavin Newsom against the secretary of state. He just appointed Shirley Weber and the law he signed regarding recall filings. This is simply without precedent. We reached out but no comment from Dan Newman with the recall campaign. This just adds to his weekly woes. Del Beccaro. Thanks. The judge will grant the governor's request, but he believes it's going to delay the election. John Libertine e News 93 point One KFBK. Rescue efforts are entering 1/7 day at the rubble of a collapsed condominium in Florida. New audio at seven from Martin Lang's felled his brother is one of the missing. It's uniting the community and going through this with hundreds of family members. With their own stories makes me realize..

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