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803141 808 803141 888 0 31 41 special Bet The best is yet to come Best is yet to come that exact American trends, President Trump said The best is yet to come, although he says he feels pretty good right now in the United States of America, But some people are convinced that socialism is the way to go and that that would be the best thing that could be yet to come are part of the show. Dr Island Diamond Diamond Associates dot net You can go There she is. X for in leadership management, professional and organizational development services. She could come to you. She does workshops in Northern California or she will travel on DH. She's gonna talk about this and more, Doc. I wanted to talk to you about shouting about politics in the workplace. Anyway, everything so divided. We've commented on that before. But socialism if things really get people say if it's a fair thing for things to be divided equally, how would that translate in the work place? Because we all let's face it. Some of us do different categories of work. Different workloads, etcetera. I love this picture that you have. Ah, yeah, Under circumstance that looks exactly like this. It would probably work fine. It's everyone. We're doing the exact same thing at the exact same rate with the exact same quality. That you pay them exactly the same around. But what if one of those people from that that row of people you showed on the assembly line? What if One of those people had four babies and everybody else only had one or two. Would you pay the person with four babies more than you would pay the person with one or two? I'm not talking about people who care. Give gifts. Maybe Give extra money because they care more about my salary. Would you compensate the person that had what Children just because they had more Children even answer both quality and quantity on type of work was exactly the same Well, that brings up the whole bevy of other issues. For instance, you could, you could say, and argued that for decades and decades, women have been doing Perhaps exact same workers, men, maybe even a better job and being paid far less. What is it 30 some percent Most times. Yeah, they say that would have been paid historically less than 40% of what men have made 40. But it's something Amy. There's so many variables that come into play there. What I had workers cos I've worked for say, Well, he has a family to support. This is just starting. And you're just like, well, I mean, I guess who doesn't want to have support someone who's supporting a family? But You know, same work. Yeah, but you know, it depends on the weight example. Innocence that are you making your determination based on the value of the job, Or are you making a determination on other factors? And what should you be making that determination on and it's something cos struggle with all the time. Because not just salary. It's also the extra perks. The little rewards little recognitions if you if you Kinda like raising Children in a way, you know, you talk about being fair and they're being fair. And everybody has to be treated exactly the same. Whether they earned it or not. If you were a good kid and cleaned up your room and did your homework Should you get the same amount of ice cream? I guess as your kid, sister or brother, who refused to do either. You know what is it that what this is that we're measuring. What is it that we're saying is important in terms of rewards in terms of compensation, and I think it's a huge struggle in today's workplace. One of the problems, of course, is a thing you just pointed out unconditionally knows this thing. You pointed out about men and women that historically, men paid more for their job. There's some argument as to whether it's still true and when it gets into all kinds of statistical arguments there, But the other part of that Is the jobs that was selected and I'll tell you what I mean by that, if you if you look at the company's income company companies in the company there some That are more fast track towards the sea level office than others on DH. Those are usually the highest level technical skills. The Finance Department and marketing that if you are in one of those three tracks, you have a stronger likelihood to advance further up the chain of command. But people self select what experience is going to have, and by and large, you will find that many women will opt to go into HR customer service. More of the people oriented ends of the business and those maybe more personally rewarded morning, which is why we may select them. But they're not the same fast track to the potion rink. So that's one of the problems. The other problem is. I'm generalizing. I'm certainly not trying to make an absolute and I don't want you. No, don't shoot the messenger kind of thing, but the other part of management in to sell themselves better than women do. When I was doing a lot of volunteer work for the people that were looking for jobs in a one of our local government organizations that helps people out of work. What I discovered was that men will respond to a job request. If they think that they can probably do the job. Maybe they 40 50% of the skills that whereas women will tend to not respond to the job request. If they don't have almost all if not all of the skills and another one of the findings is meant a much more apt to ask for a promotion raise and women and we have to hope that by doing the work exceedingly well, they'll get promotion or the race. So just in terms of gender raised, you know salary differences. That's part of it. And again. I'm not saying it's all of it. But it's certainly part of the reason why men tend to get paid more than women from the same job about a minute. I'd like to hold you over and for another segment, But it's more like 30 seconds now. So just a simple question. Why is that? Why do we as women not ask for the promotion tried to negotiate more highly for AH, better contract, etcetera. Because men have been taught to be asserted were aggressive Men are taught to fight for what they want. And women are supposed to be sweetened, docile and wait to be asked who made the phone calls back in the dating days that you know, guided the phoning the women were exposed to When you go into corporations when you speak to people, groups, individuals. What do you tell them? How do you school them on that? Why do we have time to talk about? You know what? Yeah, I was wrong, because we haven't extra minute, right, guys. Now, Now we have another minute. Sorry, my mom. I was not. I would not ask for a raise if I were a mathematician, Doc, So I think what we need to do is evaluate the worth of the job. Both quantitatively and qualitatively and and the competitive rate of the job. If if if if you're I we're going for a job. Somebody was offering us $10 an hour. For that job, and somebody else was offering us $20 an hour for the same or a similar job. That's going to be a huge factor in Which John Weasel it so you got. You gotta look at the trends and you have to compensate people fairly, then you have to reward them based on their output. The quality of the quantity, the creativity. You have to find a way to measure those so that you're retaining your very best people and not losing. It works both ways to reward as you say, your best people. She's Dr Arlen Diamond of Diamond Associates dot net here on you to American TV network. Or you might be listening on this talk radio. What a great guest.

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