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You mean the viewer wage? All right. All right. All right. Thank you for your your pic McCorkle. Who is this fight Magnus? I'm going to go by the fights really close like that. I don't So I will go with magney and then I'll always go with Mike Perry against any so like Tradewinds. All right, we took yeah, I mean, I think this is a very very close fight man. Chiesa is a super good on the ground you magni has been looking Unstoppable. I think it might be a boring fight, you know, given your magnesium fight style cuz he is a favorite as of right now Neil Magny as if he's in a way it's probably going to be a decision. Maybe not a very entertaining decision, but I'm going to go with a new magazine this one you really think he's had some of the most entertaining fight some of the best Wars now. I am against the lumbar Lombard and and I mean some of the most exciting fights I've seen from this guy and you think it's going to be boring. I think the opposite for five styles together wage. I think it's going to be a war. I like in the first three rounds if I can find it find a way to to win. It's got to happen in the first year as it gets into the chairmanship Rams magazines will find a way to take them to the decision. And woke I agree with you 2% Alvarez who won the ultimate fighter in Brazil called Covington hematology bond with I thought you found one that fight he's coming to his own recently so much time fighting monitor line as I'm sure none of you guys know, but the guys actually the guys actually really good. He's ten and one also time and Matt Snell who actually was on a show on MTV back. They called caged take it on Tyson. Nom Noms. She'll just got knocked out in the first round name that knocking people out when like three fights by knockout. We got a Hawaiian kid been around forever. What's both you guys fry and Don Frye wage. So danger if you get knocked out in the first round your next fight or need to look out for the most. Oil, what do you mean? What's your question here further questions. So a lot of times not that one round like the next fight they have are you Shell Shocked you questioning your chin. Are you saying just get through the first round and to get comfortable. Are you do you usually just dismiss it and say I was just a fluke blah blah, like what what happens that next fight coming off a first-round knockout all of the above partner all the above. You do question yourself, you are so sake but you do I do not have enough so so it's just it's What is premature ejaculation you just trying to pull it off there? Anything.

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