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Chevrolet Sports Headlines. Yeah. I'm watching the breakdown The Brayton sent he tweeted out as well. Um I like you put the not not safer warning on it. Is that because there's some language in there Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, well, he's breaking it down. I mean, it literally, is what happened, so Yeah, yeah. So the Max Scherzer Joe Girardi drama and I had thank you for the breakdown slows down the moment where the umpires the umpire puts both of his hands on sure, head To rub his hair. To check it for sticky stuff. Baseball. That's where we are in 2021, the sticky stuff checks and these consistent like frisking is on the mound. You know, there's one last night. Between Washington and Philadelphia. Max Scherzer checked three times anyway. Uh, they didn't find anything on them. So I guess. Next time you pitches, they'll they'll try again. Romero Bear Sabres hockey legend Has passed away. He had suffered a heart attack. Uh, Few days ago, and he passes away at the age of 72. We're taking your calls. If you want to remember your texts on him, remembering him his time with the Sabres. If you'd like to join us, we'd love to hear from you. And elsewhere in the NHL. The Montreal Canadians win again They are one win away now from the Stanley Cup final of 41 win over Vegas, The Golden Knights went back to Marc Andre Fleury. After going to Robin Lennar in Game four. In the series. They'll go back to Fleury. He loses 41. Montreal went away from the Cup final. Matthew Bars will find $5000 for cross checking a lightning player in the face the maximum allowable fined $5000 Lula Morello wins GM of the year for a second consecutive year. Two years in a row. Islanders best GM NBA DeAndre eight in the incredible inbound play, too. Finished that game give the Sun's a 20 series lead couldn't have happened without Paul George, missing a pair of free throws. On the other end. Phoenix leads two games to none after 104103 win In Phoenix for leading that series. Now two games sit on Milwaukee in Atlanta. First game in that set is on the way tonight. Coming up at 8 30 cell. There's bills news. They signed some help the defensive line and rather get to it and headlines here. I'll ask in the segment because that's actually where I'm change my answer about who I want to watch this year. Those your sports headlines Next update coming up at the top of the hour headlines brought to buy paddock Chevrolet with you for the extra mile. Off the board for Martin Martin knocks it back the other way along After all there, he would have been gone here to go. They're going in. I'm going And the service of arm the favors. That was their duty and with the breakaway and it's all over Buffalo, his word. Have to call the fog goal. Steve.

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