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Caught offside with every gumming and. JJ. Davani. Most surrended possession to as late. Sitter. Slow printing your own problems. It's going to be on to excels. Caught offside remember, west side, have been hat, and j J of vani. What's up? You could've stopped that intro at are still have surrendered. Oh, they go down into feet. Four one Chelsea hoist. The euro per league trophy, we will talk all about that, that is why we're here, of course, to recap that game talk about hazard and some of the comments that he made after the game talk about mercy of sorry, the scenes from before the game yesterday, and what his future may be. He's a thrill a minute. So it should be fun. We also have red card man of the match. I feel I feel really good about my red card man of the match. Sometimes I don't this is not one of those times, I've got some topical issues that I want to talk to everybody about this is like an episode of the daily almost we also want to tell you before we get into the Europa league stuff like we mentioned on yesterday's podcast. We're going to be out watching the Champions League final together this weekend. We all we did make the decision after a lot of deliberating as to whether or not that would be a wise thing for friendship, but it's so unique it's probably not. Going to happen again for for a long time. Let's be honest, very unlikely, and we're gonna watch it together at the Harry lemon twenty eight avenue B in Manhattan on we'd like you to join us. It's an open invitation. We're not giving you anything bring beer, money bring beer money. Right. And I let us know if you're coming because, well, I won't say it doesn't matter, we want you to be there. But if you're not there will still be there is the point. So we are there drop in have a beer enjoy. Let's be honest the greatest day in, in the sporting calendar. I read an article today which said how it's, it's just the biggest sporting event of the year and it really is in the in the last few years it's become this, this monster. Will the best thing that they've ever done was. I mean remember when this game was played on a Wednesday what you mean remember. All right. You years ago. Oh my youth. I used to finish school on a Wednesday night. But, like, don't you like the fact that they were sitting around in a room and probably thinking of ways to improve this and like the guy who said that idea he was probably given a huge raise the most obvious decision ever made in history, then any of these people ever watch a Super Bowl or like I imagine all these you way across these in like their seventies sat around the table day. One of them goes while we simply can't move it from Wednesday and then in the corner, I have an idea, oh, the Representative from Cincinnati and agree with, you know, really tall hat and Monica like a real kind of Mr..

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