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And other media reporting the test was conducted at the site of previous tests this as the north also condemned the united states for flying b1 bombers over the korean peninsula earlier this week that pyongyang says will serve as a propellant to further their new killer and missile ambitions hundreds of mourners meanwhile gathered today in ohio in the united states to celebrate the life of the us college student who was detained in north korea for over a year out a warm beer died days after north quiz government sent him home to the united states in a coma the twenty two year olds funeral was held at a high school in his hometown of wyoming ohio where senator rob portman decried pyongyang's lack of humanity and looks like those hoping for tapes of president trump's conversations with then fbi director james comey may be disappointed president trump is tweeted that he didn't make and doesn't have any such recordings the house intelligence committee had asked the white house to produce any tapes if they had them of their conversations by tomorrow it's one of the panels investigating possible ties with between the trump administration of russia and possible influence on the us presidential election global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries in hong kong i'm steven angle this this is bloomberg angie steven banks let's head back to melbourne right now where we are we joining tom murphy partner at a skele partners the case that we talked about that more intensive scrutiny as you said by chinese regulators on midcaps in china's specially after the msci inclusion but for investors we really watching that they're interested in perhaps stuff that's under the radar the thing that we're watching at the moment possible expansion of opportunity infrastructure the last several years who prevented very interesting opportunities.

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