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The audience with highpowered bullets he says he feels a kinship with those who were there that night those were map tricks performed a song in tribute to the victims at the grand old opry wednesday night a song inspired in not just by the carnage but by the love he says he saw from the stage the night that he performed put us all that moment in town who's frozen there's no of bullets the took away song is titled why not me i'm oscar wells gabriel trump and his panic heritage readying for another storm i'm tim mcguire within ap news minute president trump at the white house event marking hispanic heritage month says he's thinking about the hurricane recovery effort in puerto rico we are also praying for the people of puerto rico leila puerto rico welcome and we also love puerto rico he went on the promise you will be there all the time del puerto rico recover restore rebuild another tropical system is a threat to the us national hurricane center issuing a hurricane warning from grand i'll louisiana the florida alabama state line for the governor rick scott says now tropical storm may will quickly grow it or hurricane before it hit sunday morning lease stock up on supplies today before the weekend do not wait this is this this storm if you follow the weather is fast moody i'm tim mcguire australian police have seized a record haul of methamphetamine ingredient smuggled from thailand in t battle f yes trillion federal police they two people were arrested after the bust last month and in sydney sea cargo examination facility they say the liquid ephedrine could have been used to make up to three point five billion australian dollars or two point seven billion us dollars worth of methamphetamine the hall was said to be three point nine eight metric tonnes or four point three seven us tonnes the statement said australian border force officers detect of the shipment based on information from thailand where their one thousand cartons each contain 24 bottles labelled as ice tea but afp said around one third of the cartons tested positive for ephedrine the haul more than doubled the previous record seizure of precursor chemicals that the australian border from four months ago data breaches that akwa faxon jr who have consumers thinking about how to protect their identities and their money ap correspondent worn levinson reports fraud advisors warned if you think your bank accounts have been compromised fast action is necessary if.

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