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The off season moves that we've talked about or you can choose whichever one you like which will be the most impactful which off season move is going to make the biggest difference this year. Sancho will start with you. We're betting no one's gonna guess. This is colt mccoy to the arizona. Cardinals sees a backup quarterback but he's backing up colin murray collar. Mary needs to make a second year. Jump oftentimes quarterbacks you need mentors people teach you back. When i was in arizona i saw carson winston andrew stanton just hang out or excuse me carson palmer. Excuse me and drew stanton. Just hang out. Spend time together. They were comfortable they laugh. They jokes colin. Murray needs an older quarterback who can teach them the ins and outs of the game. Who can help teach him how to re defense. How to relax. How to be comfortable cole mccoy to the arizona cardinals got me excited. Then and it's got me excited. Now that's an interesting kimberly. How about you which move pays off the biggest now. I'm not sure how i feel about my take. Mine is really it's the chiefs chaining for a landau brown junior. What was the one thing we talked about more than patrick mahomes in the actual super bowl. The fact that he did not have protection orlando wanted new spot. The chiefs clearly needed to upgrade their own. Line this is the steel to nubia season. It was one of their primary rivals trading them exactly what they needed which also an interesting storyline in this. I like that pick tim hasselbeck. Which obscene move. Do you think might bear the most fruit for me. This was easy. Matthew stafford through the rams because of the success that jared goff had with the rams.

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