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The guy again some guy. I don't know who just some guys some big delivered. Why would the owner of the restaurant or the manager just not come over and say you to leave. You got me because I would have I would have to do that was running the place you were a fellow hello customer a couple tables over and this is going down. What do you do hold my wife back from going over and slapping the guy I mean do you do. Oh you call you. Ask the waiter to get you the man to be honest with you. I'm just GONNA stare. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa try to do the guilt. Stare just like. Are you kidding me. Oh I'm getting pictures and video as I'm doing the stair well. If you knew is black China yeah even if I didn't no oh no no no it could be two completely random strangers trouble. You're looking for trouble if you do that. You know it. Isn't it amazing world. We live in where if you were if you were I'm uh-huh rolling it over if you were rolling video and you were caught doing that by the person who's doing the toe-sucking they would say what's the matter with you. Don't don't take any pictures news of this. You'd be the one getting yelled getting yelled at right good about. I'm pretty covert about that. You make it look like you're looking at something else. I can get the video is good at that but I like I'm not one of these people. That really cares if you bring your baby door restaurant. I don't care one way or don't care if your baby's on complain. Some people get really irate about kids. Don't get strides. I don't get irate but we were out for a nice Saturday night dinner. A few weeks ago over the summer and it was a nice nice Italian restaurant. I forget what we were celebrating and it was seven o'clock at night and the place was packed. You know we get reservations ahead of time. Were giving given a table able. It's a nice little table for two and they bring in a family with three kids and two of them in highchairs. You know I I don't get it. The family knows that this is a restaurant that adults are going to be Iranian. Children Misbehave Yeah. One of them was I'd still rather they're sitting next to them. Then watch some dude chomping on some woman's foot well. That's a given I mean this is as I swear this is a case where it would take all of my restraint to not say to the waiter. I'll have what he's like. I would have such a martime behaving in this situation or the knuckles good here. I see this. Little Piggy is gone to mark. What are what special Russian winter knuckles. What do you mean knuckles knuckles no but there's some sort of food isn't pig. NOCCO pig knuckles. That's right yeah are the pig knuckles good but here yeah I would. I would have such a good time with this. See that's the difference between you make it would ruin my nine. Oh would not ruin my night in fact act it would make by night and I have a shortlist of people that I would be texting Wendy. You're not going to believe what is happening at the table next to me. He has her whole foot in his mouth. This would be like I would have the video would be going to Maxon todd this one and you guys know would this. It's not be the best night out. I've had okay okay. I just had the epiphany. Here's why that went on. Nobody's paying any attention to her. She she has dropped drop so far below the radar that she said to him I. I've got to get my name out there right away. I've got no bookings. I've got no offers. You've gotta suck my toes right adhere. Now it's well. You've been unusual strategy. We're talking up no. It's not we're talking. This is America in two thousand and nineteen eighteen. This is how you get your message out this would so nothing ever happens to me. This would make my night so that make my stop talking about that. Stop talking about that. Don't you agree with me that she set this up so that we on the Bob and Sheri Show would talk about it now. Hundreds of thousands of people know about black China right now. Is this good for her. Her name is out there. She's got nothing else going on that. I know of unless she's Angling for the coveted Dr Souls. The name is out there. You know what it is. They both got drunk and just did. I know that you want to think that she was thoughtful. Enough have to have done that. I think she engages in bad behavior everywhere. I hear what you're saying that. I don't know if the word thoughtful should be used by the way the pigs douglas the same as the Ham. Am Hawk I find if you can get a hold of one of black of Yep. I got more on the news next. It's Bobby Sherry. We've got to win it individuals people with Bob and Sheri. It's morons in the news. There is a thirty two two year old woman whose name is Courtney backs from Baton Rouge Louisiana and she was visiting Okaloosa Island Florida just last week around around seven. PM She went to a surf shop and she stole a pair of flip flops and a t shirt and she might have gotten away with stealing it. If a bunch of people hadn't called the the cops honor for another reason because when Courtney left the store she hopped on her bike and took off her top so she was top list biking down the middle of the highway. A bunch of people called the cops and there's topless woman down the highway. They pulled Courtney over and they found found the stuff. You know they'll always check what you've got. They looked at the stuff in the bag. It looked like it was stolen and she has been arrested once again. This is another example of if you're doing something something illegal. Don't do something illegal. Let's stay in Florida for today's Moron of the day Jacqueline Hubbard. She was riding in the passenger seat not not wearing her seat belt. When patrolman did a routine traffic stop notice she wasn't wearing seatbelts and she volunteered to the cops that she had some crack cocaine in her felony purse for what that's what she called it her felony purse her felony purse was a little pouch. She was swearing around her neck. She had some crack cocaine a couple of crack pipes and as a result of the felony purse she was busted on possession exertion of drugs and controlled substances familiar so so it was really a felony perse get right down to it really was a felony purse text the word more on two eight eight eight two six two seven four three seven ZIP. Today's right out to your phone. There is a twenty three year old woman whose name is Mena Sheikha Daniels very exotic name and she is going for the mother of the year award. She is a stripper in Lauderdale Florida and she had a shift last Tuesday night. Apparently she couldn't find a babysitter for her three year old daughter so she brought the girl alone along and she left her daughter in the back seat of her car. Wash win into doer super show. She cracked a window. She left some toys in the back seat and apparently she figured her daughter would sleep but her daughter woke up but three hours later and got out of the car at two o'clock in the morning. Somebody called nine one one when they saw the toddler wandering around around the Strip club parking lot alone. Fortunately she was okay. The police said she quote appeared to be well cared for and in good spirits. The mother was arrested for you can imagine what and the child was placed in foster care. This breaks my heart on so many levels I mean I mean I know. We don't know the story here. That might have just been desperate. No babysitter had to earn some money to keep food on the table. I don't courage reason as you can't leave your car like that but oh my God parking lot to clock in the morning. Here's what I'm hoping that. Little girl girl grows up to be a great famous country music singer. Songwriter and she's got a story to tell Scott Good Star all right today we celebrate a very brave av AC. A Yak named meteor meteor lives in loving stint. Virginia meteor was taking his last ride on the truck doc he was going to the butcher shop and media one having any of it. He is Cape. The truck took koff through the woods. Oh media successfully dodging wildlife and animal control and police and people trying to lure him with treats video. New York is gone media. Your made the great escape. That was it. They haven't found not found media or the AC noticed. The Fed is a fantastic story meteors message to you. I am meteoric. Not Meteor will not be. I and you will never take me alive coppers. That's a great story. I'm so pleased with meteoric and also I had no idea that people were randomly raising Jackson won. I was wondering text the word Moron to eight eight eight two six to seven four three seven. We'll send today's to your phone. Expel any purse wait. How is the Yak get. Lamar's reviews sent right to your phone text the movie to eight eight eight. Bob Sherry are you're right in time for Bob. Sheri's questionable inventions to new inventions that just not one hundred percent sure on. Let's start with the first one the pillow broad cleavage wrinkles. Are they really a thing and do we. We really need something else to worry about well. One Company thinks you should be insecure about your cleavage wrinkles and just so happened to have a solution. You can buy a company called. Sleeping glow is selling a product called the pillow Bra. Basically it's a small pillow you strap between and around your breasts that night to hold them up in a comfortable way while you sleep according to the company you need this pillow.

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