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For more than eighty years city Mercer is specialized in hand washing your delicate rugs and carpets but now Joe has a new menu of cleaning options that is faster and can save you money right now get fifteen percent off any implant rug cleaning good hygiene Mercer rug cleaning dot com summer may be in full swing but the first day schools just around the corner Hey it's Chris plant you can help get thousands of children ready for the new school year by donating your old card two cars for kids if you have a car you're looking to unload donating is incredibly quick and easy cars for kids will tell your car for free at a time that's convenient for you all you have to do is visit cars for kids dot org or give me a call the old fashioned way at eight seven seven cars for kids remember that's cars with a K. and they'll take it from there you'll even get a vacation voucher for three days and two nights and a maximum tax deduction it's the hassle free way to help kids this back to school season all it takes is one quick phone call your car will be picked up in a day or two summer is the perfect time to finally on load that old car that's just been sitting around taking up space out front so make the call or visit cars for kids dot org today remember that's cars with a K. call eight seven seven cars for kids that's eight seven seven cars for kids Hey guys my name is Karen and I wanted to tell you a story about my boyfriend Mike he's a great guy super fun he is the best in so many ways except for a life in the bedroom the last several months he lost his ability to perform it also lost his confidence it changed him any became miserable and he was about to lose me so get this he has an ad about this powerful male enhancement product call knocks the drill it's all natural no stuffy nose no headaches no side effects he tries it and all I can say is wow incredible I told them this feels like **** on steroids well I was I glad I stuck around with not central Mike is now my energizer bunny it keeps going and going problem solved thanks now to trail and not to tell has this free bottle offer so now there's no excuse for every guy to have it it keeps going.

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