Canada's Barrick Gold to buy Randgold for $6.5 billion


It was already the world's biggest gold mining firm. Now, Canadian giant Barrick. Gold is merging with Randgold resources to create an eighteen billion dollar company. The merged firm new barrack group will sell shares on the New York and Toronto stock exchanges while Randgold's London listing will be cancelled. Here's the BBC's THEO legged Bara gold is already the world's largest gold mining company with operations around the globe round. Gold is focused on production and Africa. Both companies have been struggling to impress investors and have seen that market value full by ASA. Third over the past year announcing the deal run goals, chief executive Mark Bristow admitted that the industry's a whole had faced criticism for being too focused on short term goals and offering poor returns, but insisted the merger would benefit shareholders. The new company will control several of the world's biggest and most profitable mines in North America and west central Africa,

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