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Healthy for week? 1 100%. Are there gonna be any lingering issues? I certainly hope not. There's the peace now around the piece. How do you build exact Taylor, the coach that can bring out the most on Joe Burrow? I will say this and defensive Zach that for everything that you can point to and say he's not the guy Joe Burrows rookie rollout went quite well. And, you know, I think you have to give Zach the offensive coaches a degree of credit for that. But to me, it Zamora about organizationally. They're offensive line has been bad for five years. It was bad this year. Their defense has been bad for a number of seasons. I don't think there's a true difference maker on that side of the ball. Maybe, aside from Jesse Bates, who plays a position that the Bangles themselves Have never really valued that much. I don't think aside from that there's anybody who scares opposing team's offensive coordinators. Carl Lawson is certainly a piece moving forward, but their pass rush this season was an absolute mess that Joe Mixon contract. I think you can wonder about the wisdom that went into giving him $48 million when that money could probably better be used. On the offensive line on the defense. Health l healthiest Joe Mixon gonna be moving forward to me. This is not to absolve Zach of any blame or it's not even to say that he should be the coach next year. Anything teams that moves on from a guy who's 6 25, and one can't be blamed. But there's two things number one. Are we really sure that the Cincinnati Bengals are gonna hire somebody better? And Jack Taylor and against along with that are the best most qualified in the world. Do they want to come to Cincinnati and work for Mike Brown worked for Do Tobin Watch Game film with Troy, Katie and Mike every Monday morning? I don't think the answer to that question is yes, and then number two Willy for years. There's been severe roster shortcomings two seasons ago, This team had one of the worst defense is in the history of the National Football League. Over the last 32 games. They haven't gotten appreciably better. Theofanis of line started becoming an issue in 2016. We've turned the calendar to 2021. The offensive line is is still an issue. Um, they have handed out contracts and haven't worked out to guys like Gino Atkins and AJ Green and Carlos Dunlap. Great players in this histories in this franchise is history. But guys who haven't played to their previous level while they've been being paid Maura than their previous levels. Are they going to continue to do that? Are they really going to bring back Gino Atkins? Or they're gonna save his money and apply it elsewhere on the roster. What? Who are they going to replace the departed coaches with Are they going to go and get a defensive coordinator who is better and more qualified than Lou in a room? Oh, is the structure of the play calling, gonna remain the same. Where is active, the coach and the primary play clothes because it feels like that has unnecessarily worked. There's a lot of questions. Obviously, Zach is his apartment. Those answers and he's a part of those questions. But we're godless of what they did was act regardless of what they did with their head coach. To me. Those are all of the other questions that have to be asked. And to me that step that that goes well beyond simply whether or not exactly come back in 2021. I would ask him if he was let go today. I'm asking them now, knowing he's going to come back for the next for 13. Right now, Let's turn the page. I've had many talk about Luke Fickell. Good man, your friend. I met him a couple times excited with him. Tell me why. Third and two With the most exciting finish, but exciting game the undefeated You see season on the line. Why do you try to run a trick play, which is they pass instead of simply running the ball to take 40 seconds off the clock, which would probably win the game? Well that hunt Luke Fickell for the rest of his professional career. I don't think it's gonna haunt Luke Fickell for the rest of his professional career. I think he would be the first to tell you probably more privately than publicly that that is a play that is worthy of being second guessed and looked. A lot of us were first guessing it. I was there in Atlanta, Dan Horde on the radio broadcast prior to the third and to play said something to the effect of You know, the last thing in the world you want here is an incompletion. Well, the past fell incomplete. That's the last thing in the world you want. Um, that was the first guest that was That was something that, Dan said before the play was run, And I think most of us or sort of unknown in the same frame of mind that at the very least, Let's let's assume that they would have turned it over what's assume there's not gonna be a fumble, but let's assume there's not gonna be something completely disastrous. Let's look at the most likely downside of attempting a past. It's incomplete, the clock stops. The most likely downside of a running play. Not working is You're going to kill a bunch of time on the clock. You're next snap of the football is going to come with 48 seconds to go. And with that defense, and even if you choose the punch, I think most their cat fans would have felt pretty good at that point. Plus for me, you have the best. Running quarterback in college football. The Cleveland Browns did this yesterday up 24 22, but they had a third and one plate of ice the game If they convert the game's over. They had Baker Mayfield run to the right. He picked up about a yard and a half game over Cleveland goes to the postseason. I would have loved to, I would love to be able to go back and try Desmond Winter on the ground once One, even if you punt on fourth down one time, and I just can't help but think that they he would have converted and be. But even if he wouldn't have Georgia, who had no timeouts would have run out of time. All right. Lastly, what organization is in worse shape. You see Barakat basketball. The Bangles, the Reds or F C. E hate that we're lumping you Si Barakat basketball under the conversation, because what 55 consecutive games what I'll say about the Bangles, which team is in worse shape. Well what I'll say about the Bangles and they you said. What the Bangles have job to do and say what you want about the news today. So what you want about Zach Taylor? Mike Brown the framework of the organization. Any of that stuff they've got Joe Burrow. They have a guy who projects to be a star at quarterback. The players, the Reds are seemingly building around. Don't have as much confidence in and let's face it. The off season for the Reds is more than three months old. There has not been any significant additions to the roster, and there have been some significant departures. You're not as good of the team is the one that walked off the field in Atlanta, and that team last season wasn't all that good. FC Cincinnati just put together one of the most unwatchable seasons I think the team could ever have. Um, but it's the first season of a new head coach, and they're moving into the stadium. And if we could have fans this year, Willie There's a lot of people who only Care about that. You see basketball team. I didn't think they would be. I didn't think they would struggle this much now, you know, they played John Brandon talk a lot about the schedule, but they've had player departures. They're not very good defensively, and they've had a really hard time closing out games in the last five or six minutes. And they're really staring at, you know, maybe 2.5 or two and nine, you know, down the barrel because they've got to got to go on the road and play as him. You and Wichita State and I've got to come back home and playing easy, you team that is over achieve a little bit this year, they're in really rough shape. I don't know. What do you say?.

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