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Differences my this week in the thirtieth minute when martin argued stepped up to a free. Kick off the ashley. Westwood shot down the cossack the edge of the box. The norwegian cold his f- over bernie wall and pass nick. Pope is i for arsenal since his north london dhabi striking march and speaking of the north london. Dob is you've already mentioned. Auto hosts that north london neighbours next weekend. Snow season of dreams continues the journey from worse to i. You could not write a script light. It's happening david to wins in a week. This one a mixed performance but we call the everton three the first half commentary as critiquing. What they called ostler's pointless possession but it seemed to me like a good decision by alta allowing his boys to control the game. But you see my jewels. Defense would have had to face odaguard particularly sprightly ahead of party locking down the back. Oh god in his flame when you come for the football as you seem so emboldened by his opponents press and having been why in the team briggs out so sabotaging dependency on jacka to be the one to get the team flowing and appraised slash day one but this creativity really overshadowed mutiny games for pepe smith wrote and sacco bum. Yang couldn't manufacture shot for long periods. And it needed a multi party movement a true quality on the half hour to secure the point more pinpoint bangor odaguard. You know that they are so desperate as we all know from. Awesome supposing friends. They're so desperate for a plan to get behind this week. Maybe it's odaguard burnley second half. I got a credit so they went warpaint proper war taken by the way. Gop henry pfeiffer sent me a tweet. From historian john j robertson who cleared up a long standing piece of pod. Confusion don jay robinson tweeted war. Pigs pigs used in ancient warfare as a countermeasure against war elephants. They were covered in oil set on fire. This sounds awful. Kevin oil set on fire and then driven towards the enemy said that their squeals would panic the elephants and cools them to rampage trampling their own side. Which is good today because that was pretty much bouli. Second-half approved oil. Steve bruce con contrary that tactic newcastle obvious. Reasons to set you on fire. Just just play out with me. ila were. We're for the rumors. We don't say this often burnley approach is cross the cross. Say chris ward and ashley barnes. I think thirty five crosses pendulum Repelled with gabrielle. Gist so impressive and told me yaseen. Step all say yes. It was nervy down the stretch tattoo through lokonga who also glimmered. You saw at the final whistle. What meant ramsden storming out to her. Gabrielle there was no tomorrow. Tetter walked onto the field. They've told me say a slap across the face a slap of joy. Louis van gosto. I like david this more fight left in this also not than was previously mentioned. Back to back wins when their backs against the wall and showing some pride which their fans must be enjoying. Yeah must say watching this. Also team emerge from turf board. They clean sheet iron ram sales. Third straight we noted proves the. They may have. Cahoon always of a minority cousin and the pressure continues to lift. It was fantastic to witness role. On next weekend's north london derby clarify that was the owners of manashe cousins friend anyway brighton to leicester won the seagulls when their fourth game in this young season in a controversial affair on the south coast. Brighton took the lead on thirty. Five minutes went. After neil mo- pay popped a quick arm bar on jannik vestergaard and the dane handled the ball while going to ground moped converted a penalty. They doubled lead where they wonderful. Fiftieth minute danny. Well they had a love but the fox's four back found a goal through who else that poor fueled poacher jamie vardi late on var denied rogers. More not one. But two late equalisers both perceived goalkeeper interference by harvey bonds and five thirty eight into the season that does not reduce brighton are in the top four with two more points than manchester city. Massive win for brian who really less than their first true opponent of the campaign and and they merged again. We've all three points even though they had a lot of luck almost as if the fortuna breaks that were denied. For the interpretive law season have been paid forward way ellie. This one and it's going to be. The result was bloody cruel unless to that. First brightened gold. Never a penalty may pay was holding. Vesta job when he pulled it. There were two equalizers. Falesa vaud off death. The second one per obstruction on the goalkeeper think it was bones seem so bloody harsh and after being denied twice by for only a matter of time before the project challenges for two eight game chess to settle a man versus machine bay once and for all in his mind virus kasporov and he's deeply me now. Wolves nil brentford sue. Thomas frank's bees continue their feel. Good start to the season ending. That us primarily road win. They went ahead on twenty eight minutes when after being literally tackled by wolves middle linebacker moscow. Ivan tony hit home from the spot. Brentford struck again. Just six minutes later. This time tony hitting up his strike partner. Brian combo and despite adama traore making the crossbar beg for mercy and conquer caps shannon baptiste. Being sent off for an absurd rugby-tackled brentford hold onto make eight points from four games. Wolves meanwhile a handed a fourth loss that third at home yet brentford credit. A rebound from late late late lost to brian emerging domino from seven minutes about to be scored twice trowel. Ray hit the bar for wolves in between tony. Who at times. Look some playable. There's already been talked up from in england cold up his french. St paul not in bow bow found the back of the net and then brentford held on during twenty six. Long minutes whipped. Ten men of the said. They all of chamdo battista leaving wolves but just possession and there are mentors wastefulness in front of go lay. They didn't so much as manufacturer. A single sean. Target in that town tro ray. I love what gym he's always surreal. Just be of the man that hammering cross after crossway of everyone's head. The money's like elite athlete parts slapstick. Comedian ease box office on this impossible to take your eyes off. Wolves third straight home defeats start. The season brentford palm went before they face. Brutal games liverpool west. Tom chelsea leicester the bees newcastle one leads. One the geordie remake of friday. Night lights with. Steve bruce in the coach eric taylor role and after falling behind to a thirteen. Th minute fina cross the found its way past dollar in the tune goal allow. Some maxima stepped up to save his manages. Bigan like a french. Mattie sarasin his baletic run assassins. Finish one minute before. Half-time saw the tune snatch their second point of the season from sporting kc blue clad leeds united and injury hint lead versus alan say maximum. Who ran it as a one versus. Eleven or waste fancying. His chances. I'd say a look implant my newcastle without head. One showed this to thing especially team. Play the football to a soundtrack of the rain front singing. We will bruce out. And this drew main for newcastle and leeds still do no have a primarily win between them yes maximum. Who's the player of the weekend primarily for me knowledge. One wofford three. The canaries remain winless through five games. After facing the red-clad horns every color of a stop. Light was on display in this one and emmanuel dennis had and a to move kooky goal had things level into the second when senegalese ismaela tallied twice to give cisco moon yours is side that second one of the season josh charging started but it was what i saw who put on a finishing clinic on muscling nor just feeble bat line. And even poor. Billy gilmour look lost in amid fail. That doesn't revel in possession. The frustration for norwich funds just must be must be immense to repeat the same mistakes as ones that do them last time round but worse norwich of now lost fifteen primarily games on the trump they remain pointless in every sense of the word and finally roja aston villa. Three your everton nil. Three villa goals in nine second-half minutes and your mobile their first premier league loss of the season a catchy keg stand of strike a luke cadena on goal and leon bailey jamaican blast send..

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