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There's there's another couple of characters that That always on my phone probably meant for this podcast but it. What's fascinating is when you think about the commonality. Even those things whether she tiger king or some of the the the not. Pg things that everyone sent along it shows you how much we're all connected which also all corners of the world and the states are sending me the same thing whether it's a joe exotic meam or a doctor fallacy video. We're all as different as we are. We're all without being too corny and say we're all really are in this together in this over facing has no boundaries economically or a your faith or geographically is- GonNa touch at all of us have hasn't already and I think you can find any positive. It's kind of the sense of community did that's already there in much more so than it. Was there a couple weeks ago? You know it's funny I I I was thinking about you and I had. I guess it was a lunch or maybe it was utterly dinner in New Orleans. I don't know maybe a I guess it was a couple months ago. I guess I think I was in New Orleans for Zion's first game and you were coming in with with nuggets. You guys had an off day in New Orleans. You're on the trip and we crossed an we. We had you walk into a place that I hadn't been as Negra yes right like you Mrs Pod. Yeah quarter obviously you know you you you work there several years before he became the GM and now president in Denver. And so you know all these spots but I think about the conversation we had that day about. We were talking about climate change and we were talking about the world. That's going to be there for our kids. Mine are older than yours but the challenges that are going to be there when even wear long gone and we were talking about down the road and it's like well down the road is it's here. It just feels like this is the kind of stuff we were. You know. We're talking about well. Twenty five thirty years in the future based on the models and what the planet's GonNa to look like in what we're not addressing and it felt like the conversation you and I were having not so long ago here. It is for our kids now. Yeah it's scary. I mean that was a pretty deep conversations especially considering that the guy was having a Carrot Margarita. At the time you say when you have as you get older and you have children. It's it's hard not to anybody responsible not to think about those things in putting more front and center in our profession. It's easy to be self absorbed. We think everything is determined by wins and losses or acquisitions and our world is a relatively small one but is big enough that you can pretty quickly the enveloped in it and not realize how little means now doesn't mean that not unbelievably competitive and I. I don't sleep at night after losses or we messed up a draft. Pick in. Don't sleep for years after things like that. But we're in a funky time right now and that conversation certainly kind of foreshadowed where we are currently I don't know An old you can only control so much when you have showed and you want to do anything in your power to ensure that what you can control will make their life better and I don't know if collectively were doing enough of that Nick Whether it's you know it politics or whether it's kind of the the widening gap between the haves and have nots It's kind of a scary time right now and again. If there can be any positive from this we look back on a couple of months when there's a vaccine when his treatment when we were affectively out of it and overcome it I think There's been all do. The social community was so often put their whether it's financial whether it's faith-based whether it's race based I think right now there's a real sense more so than I've ever felt my life maybe after nine eleven yourself this for weilded all the same and the more that we can help each other in the more we can be forward thinking and kind of get each other's back a better life is for everybody. How much tim do you feel the burden? You feel every day when you have a staff. They saw what happened in Philly. And he's okay that was salary reductions and then the team pulled back but it is inevitable. We're going to see yet. Listen I think more people the unemployment numbers this week. That came out on Thursday morning. Were record-setting there's somebody in. America always talk about records while this is record setting unemployment of the biggest ever right. And so what's the pressure you feel about? You know they're looking to you and you'll work with ownership on it but but knowing that like there's going to be some hard things to figure out based on the economic impact of this what this is going to mean for judge Doesn't just oversee the nuggets but he oversees the avalanche. You have two teams there. You have the arena. Would you feel in that way in your position and trying to find ways to avoid having to go down that path with yourself? We are fantastic ownership. That's I stepped up as much as anyone in the world. In terms of some of these hourly employees a lot of different teams had done a fantastic job. Our ownership group owns the building owns countless franchises. The buildings has events on twenty six of thirty days. So what they've done already I think is pretty telling of how much they care about their staff and how aware they are of how how tough decisions in terms of direct staff. Let's be honest. We're all already so unbelievably fortunate. We make good money to watch coach play basketball so one thing that that. I'm not a fan of and I talked about all the time. It's never feel sorry for yourself. I don't think the NBA can ever feel as if they're in a bad place. I think what I'm most concerned about. His buddies who were have bars and restaurants guys was small business. Not a good buddy who has an oil and gas companies worked his tail off less couple years. I can't imagine how hurtful it must be for him economically CB nineteen you have Saudi Russia kind of Johnson about oil prices. And you're just trying to get a company off the ground in Colorado in West Texas and Oklahoma in this happened so I think while we're always going to ensure that all of our colleagues are are taking care of it and they're gonNA ship has done a great job of leading that charge. I think we have to be aware of how you can help. Those who are even tougher spots in the community so I think the NBA's look. It's not reality. The money's not reality the way with travels not reality the job itself not reality and I think a lot of people are facing the really harsh realities right now and help those people. Yeah and I think and I said this the other day I think on one the other pods but I do hope and I think this. Hopefully this is true throughout society. But I do think it needs to be true in the NBA. And I can't speak other professional sports but I think and I'm guilt. We're all guilty of it. The money is so big and it's big for the players. It's big for the coaches and front offices and like I've seen a little arms race in last few years among front offices. Gm's presidents about WHO's getting. What will he got? How much did he get? Want more. And there's this sort of sense of it's this never. It's there's this Pot of goal. That we're just GONNA keep digging out of it. Everyone's always going to have more and more and I I do hope the serves as a reminder that Nolan's entitled to any of this and we're lucky to get to work in this world and the probably never have a real job for day in in our adult lives and I do hope what comes out of this as more of a sense of gratitude and proportion. Maybe proportion is the word because I you know we talking about the salary caps going up. There's more for everybody and then all of a sudden there is no absolutely right. Now who matters first responders? Medical professionals scientist delivers truck. Drivers Grub hub on restaurant workers. The we picked up a peachy yesterday and the guy was great and ten minutes and a chef and he was so thankful we came in there. I think oftentimes society is humming. There's not an appreciation for why at hums in only those on top of the financial hierarchy are probably Giving enough credit for what's going on right now. We all need each other. We're interconnected winner chwine. We've become so global so supply chains are messed up in China which they are. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA be impacted if if the goods that did you WANNA buy can't be delivered because a truck driver sick we're going to be impacted so I I agree. I hope it's a chance for us to kind of reassess how much we all need each other and how much we should value each other and look right now. I have a brother taught for a long time. Had a couple of sisters the nonprofits. I always say you know what I I would be very happy just leaving this profession in coaching and teaching. And I've I've been a part time teacher for ten days. It's amazing how little little those guys get appreciate his hard. It's difficult in our society is certainly kind of upside down in hell. Hell little these guys are valued both financially and just kind of a greater societal scale. But they're keeping US afloat right now. I mean if you're a nurse right now you're you're a real hero. It's not the athletes is not the performers. If you're just delivery of your bus driver in put yourself in harm's way every single day so I'm with you maybe it's too It's a little too pie in the sky a little too rosy outlook but I have my fingers crossed that they'll be a little friendlier little more connected society. It actually get through this this. This is a difficult transition him. But I'M GONNA explain this the Best I can. So we're recording this podcast with our producer. Dance Danza here. We have to log into a website and then we call into it and we do it through our laptops but you have to type. A name in when you're entering the little podcast room share with me the name you typed in. I'm going to share mine and it is a common. I think a common love. We have. Who what name did you type into today? I was leaping. Lanny postle a great wrestler from the eighties and nineties. They'd played baseball. Macho man savage brother used.

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