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Downtown 255 points at three o'clock. Thiss is CBS News on the hour sponsored by Rocket Mortgage. I'm Deborah Rodriguez. CDC director, Dr Robert Redfield insists mask do provide a greater guarantee of protection from the Corona virus than a vaccine. He's standing by his Senate testimony. Despite President Trump calling him Miss. Taken or confused. Correspondent Stephen Portnoy has the update. One former administration official describes a strained relationship between the CDC and the White House with the government's top health experts viewed skeptically as the president seeks second opinions. Scott Atlas, a radiologist infrequent Fox News guest has been by Mr Trump's side of recent briefings, Atlas has advocated herd immunity is a means to end the pandemic. Experts say the unabated spread of cove it could lead to millions more deaths, the Senate's top Democrat, accusing the president of playing a deadly game of covert politics. What a disgrace. Minority leader Chuck Schumer said the president is ignoring victims of the Corona virus. Who are Democrats. Yes, Mr President, if you don't count the total number of America Friends who have died. You might think it's not so bad. If you close your eyes and pretend that half of the country doesn't exist. Maybe some might think you didn't do such a spectacularly awful job. It comes after President Trump tried to blame Democratic led states for recent Corona virus deaths. Steve Dorsey CBS NEWS Washington The rallying cry for masked protesters at a target in Fort Lauderdale. Now twisted sisters, Dee Snider is condemning a group of people who blasted his song as they rip Off their face coverings in a tweet. He calls it a moronic stunt. He shared a video from an upset customer. It's gotten 30 million views. Ah, top events promoter and Venu operator is getting involved in the November election. CBS's Jim Krystle, a live nation has announced several 2020 voting initiatives. They include using live nation owned a concert that uses polling places giving employees paid time off to vote. Encouraging employees to service Paul workers and partnering with organizations on voter access and educational efforts. People along the Florida and Alabama coast are struggling to pick up the mess left behind by Hurricane Sally Wkrg TV's Debbie Williams is in Gulf Shores Utilities, The power electricity There's no water. There's no power and, um ah lot of tree damage. More than half a million homes and businesses still have no electricity, and there's more flooding expected from swollen rivers and lakes. Tens of thousands.

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