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Long! pushups. Jennifer Jennifer my Gosh Jennifer Lopez, his high school sweetheart David crews passed away us one years old, actually dated for nearly a decade passed away of heart disease. They started dating when she was fifteen, and they actually were together at the beginning of her career right when she started select become famous. They weren't together anymore about the I'm sure she's going to say something about that soon. And people are watching videos online like mark, Ronson and Bruno Mars. Is Uptown funk over three billion views now? People are watching things like Anaconda from Nikki Manashe over nine hundred and twenty million Britney. Spears's toxic. As a love on top Taylor swift blanks ace, these are a lot of the videos music videos that people are checking out and Amazon is doing some free streaming access more than forty children's shows, their original series, not just for prime video customers anymore. Because of what's going on with Corona. They're offering a free so I. You can go over to Amazon and check that out. Out Tonight we're eleven. Are Tiger King? Some of US have watched. A couple of episodes Elvis has left is freaking out. WHAT'S HE GONNA? Know after his one episode left. This is the season finale got a little band. Pop rules over on Bravo and people are loving teen mom oh. Gee, on MTV. Thank you, Danielle, into the three things you need to know from Gandhi. including the message from the astronaut in this three things, yes, I am GonNa Love Okay here we go. What are you have? All right, we'll start with president trump issuing an executive order prohibiting hoarding of medical supplies now again, that's medical supplies that includes hand, sanitizer, masks and protective equipment, so if you have a bunch of them, that's not legal anymore, but your toilet paper is still okay. Also walgreens trader Joe's in Costco now introducing special hours for senior citizens. Lots of other retailers are doing the same, so if that applies to you, check before you go, and you might have a little bit of an easier time getting through now Elvis and. And I were just talking about. There's an astronaut named Scott Kelly. He says that they are very used to self-isolation. Because when you go up into space year alone for awhile, you can't do a lot of things, so he says there's some stuff you need to do to maintain your sanity. And that includes having schedule and consistent bedtime. He says schedule things like work rest taking care of the environment around you take time to go outside if you can. Because Sunlight and nature are very important to our health and when. When it comes to your feelings, because we all have a lot of those right now, and there's anxiety running high, he says write things down in a journal. If you feel a certain way right down being honest with yourself about it, and sometimes just getting it out, helps you a lot, plus at some point we'll be able to look back on this and say hey, this is actually my quarantine journal. This is what I was going through at the time and I. think that's a great idea. We also posted that. THAT ELVIS DURAN DOT com. If you want to see him, talk about it himself and finally. If you're cooped up in single, tinder wants to help you stay entertained. They are making their passport feature. Free that means you can swipe match people all around the world, not just within however many miles of you. Usually, that's a premium service, but they say from now until the end of April, they want you to virtually transport yourself out of out of self quarantine and anywhere in the world because we all need to connect. In there, you have it just got a great tweet. Just as I'm a teacher and I'm still trying to out this whole online learning teaching thing so watching and listening to you guys. I'll try to figure out how to do. Your show is oddly comforting and very funny and informational, and I'm still listen to your show while I. Walk My dog and teach from home. Stay well. If you want to tweet us you. We still use the twitter at Elvis Duran. Elvis Duran show Garrett has an incredible sound on the way. Get to that and a lot more coming up right.

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