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Be south after I. seventy five two right lanes are blocked I'm Ricky was only thirty six and W. Y. O. D. looking at the chance of an isolated shower thunderstorms we had through the overnight locally heavy downpours biggest concern alone the upper seventies if you pop up storms are possible Friday a high in the mid eighties and storms are likely Saturday and especially Sunday with highs up in the mid eighties could be thundery again this weekend with updates around the clock on south Florida's severe weather station the weather channel's Mike Thibodeau on newsradio six ten W. why would he the governor and Florida's cabinet gave the thumbs up to this year statewide emergency shelter plan with the hurricane season beginning Monday the CCP by the red cross all offering including the updated guidelines designed to be amended as the coronavirus situation of all Florida emergency management director Jared Moskowitz says about two hundred hotels have agreed to serve as non congregate shelters in order to help produce county shelters to no more than fifty people a minimum of sixty square feet get given per person we're mac recommending the county screen all people coming in to support the Tampa Bay area and central and southwest Florida still don't have enough general population shelter capacity I'm Erik Rodriguez there are fifty three thousand two hundred eighty five cases of corona virus in the state nine thousand seven hundred ninety five hospitalizations and two thousand three hundred sixty four related deaths a bipartisan group of lawmakers have filed legislation in the U. S. house that's aimed at protecting seniors and support healthy aging during the covert nineteen pandemic and beyond among those behind the bill is west Palm Beach.

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