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While cloney began investigating the marathon winners. Victory Lap continued normally early the next morning on April Twenty Second Nineteen Eighty Rosie. Ruiz and Bill Rodgers were brought to the set of a local. Tv show called good day live to be interviewed about their wins. Rogers uneasiness about Ruis had overtaken his own personal satisfaction about winning the race. He wasn't just concerned. That Jacqueline Guiraud had been cheated out of a metal. Like Wilk Loni. He was worried about the effect scandal. Like this might have on the sport as a whole before going onto the set. Rogers pulled me aside and privately delivered a stern warning. He told her that if anything had gone wrong during the marathon she needed to admit it as soon as possible where we hesitated tears appeared at the corners of her eyes for a split second. Rogers believed that Ruiz was going to confess instead. Release shook her head and crying. Repeatedly stated that she'd won legitimately Rogers decided to let it go for the moment and the two went ahead with the TV appearance by the time of their TV interview. The whispers about Ruiz at grown ladder and suspicion escalated the TV host citing an article written by a running expert in the New York. Post asked both Ruis Ann Rogers about the reported belief that improvement from the New York. Marathon to Boston was physically impossible. Rogers answered diplomatically. Saying that while improvement is possible. He couldn't conceive of a twenty minute improvement. He then said that Ruis would need to resolve. These questions. Ruis herself remained quiet outside the TV studio. The controversy only mounted that morning race director will clooney announced that he had opened an investigation into the allegations against Rosier we's it wouldn't be an easy or straightforward task to determine whether rosaries cheated the Boston Marathon. Didn't record the times of every individual runner as they reached one of the races. Numerous checkpoints instead. The marathon only recorded the numbers of the first one hundred runners at each checkpoint since the first one hundred runners were all male. None of the women's times were recorded at any checkpoint. Instead of relying on checkpoint evidence Clooney would need to closely review recordings of the TV broadcast in eyewitness testimony a team of experts including Katherine Switzer reviewed three sets of video from the race and couldn't identify Rosie Ruiz on any of them nor could they find Ruis on one of the informal lists the top five women runners at any point in the race has the scrutiny intensified Rosie. Ruiz returned home to New York City but she couldn't escape the controversy. The press was beginning to hound. Her now explicitly questioning the validity of her picked. The questions only got louder as the story grew into a nationwide scandal. The concerns led the New York marathon to open their own investigation. Internal wheezes twenty third place finish reporters dug into Rosie Ruiz's life story traveling to Miami and Nebraska searching for clues. They didn't find much. Though classmates. At Wayne State College did remember that. Ruis was an avid jogger. Her we sought refuge in her apartment from the constant media. Attention but dog had reporters still followed some even resorted to sneaking past the building security guards to go directly to Ruiz's door eventually released into roommates abandoned the apartment and move somewhere secret their hunker down and try to ride out the storm with the constant media attention and the looming threat of disqualification release. Felt as though she were living in a nightmare throughout every interaction with her roommate's friends or reporters who manage to track her down Ruis never wavered. She stuck to her story. She had run the entire race. Meanwhile investigations continued in both Boston in New York to determine if she was lying in Boston officials and reporters interviewed the runners who've finished next her. We's none of them saw her. During the race in New York officials reviewed videotape of every runner. That crossed the finish line and couldn't find Ruis. None of the mounting circumstantial evidence was enough. However for Boston Marathon Director Wilk Loni to disqualify Rosie Ruis with so much attention on the marathon and the investigation. He felt as though he needed beyond the shadow of a doubt he needed something. More concrete like clear eyewitness testimony. John Faulkner Harvard Senior was jogging by the marathon with his friend. On April twenty. First as they went past the crowd at Kenmore Square they witnessed a woman in a yellow shirt running. Strangely through the crowd she entered the race in its final mile. Faulkner didn't think much of it at the time. Assuming that someone would stop her realize she jumped into the race. The next morning faulkner opened his copy of the Boston Globe and saw photograph of Rosie Ruiz on the front page announcing her as the winner of the marathon. It was the same woman he saw jump into the race. Faulkner initially didn't want to involve himself but after cajoling from his roommates he finally agreed to call the Boston Globe and tell a reporter he'd seen meanwhile in New York another eyewitness reached out. Susan Moro the woman who had befriended Ruis during the New York. Marathon was watching the news when report about the Boston. Marathon came on. Moreo immediately recognized the marathon winner as the same woman. She'd met on the subway as the news. Report continued covering the controversy around Ruiz's. Finish moral began to feel nervous. She didn't know what to do. After some deliberation moral decided to contact the New York Times the next day on Wednesday April twenty third. The Boston Globe published John faulkners eyewitness account early that morning. Reporters News vans arrived at Harvard eager to interview him that night. The New York Marathon director told reporters that he didn't believe Ruis could even run one mile at the pace. She claimed to have run entire marathon with evidence against term mounting Rosie. Ruiz called a press conference the next day. Her only ally. Steve Merrick stood beside her and warned reporters ahead of time that he'd end the press conference if it turned into a carnival. Susan Morrow attended the press conference at the invitation of New York Times reporter. The reporter asked Mario. Ruiz was the woman she'd seen riding the subway during the New York. Marathon Monroe said without question. It was the same woman as cameras snapped Rosie. Ruiz stood in front of a skeptical crowd of reporters. Despite Merrick's warning the reporters were noisy and hostile given the published accounts of John Faulkner. Many of the reporters expected release to confess admit that she cheated and end the entire controversy instead with slight smirk on her face. Rosie Ruis once again insisted that she'd run the race. Moreover she blamed the media for the controversy claiming their coverage was unfair and that any unknown runner. Who won the marathon would be subjected to the same scrutiny and skepticism that she was although Ruiz continued to vociferously denied the allegations of cheating. The tide was already turning against her and it wouldn't be long before her entire house of cards came tumbling down..

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