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In the upper sixties to the upper seventies this report is brought to you by farmers insurance from the southern California Toyota dealers traffic center we make it easy man the ninety one is not making things easy this morning it's been taken some hits today this one in corona ninety one east found at the seventy one it's an injury crash blocks the left flank that's going to trigger a drive back to Green River anyone uses it slowing pockets all the way up to fourteenth actually pay a fine this guy sponsored by injury attorney super woman super lawyer dot com Jeff bought more stuff on the one no one should have wind to employ a banner mourning dove drive here for debris all over the place heads up now is going through band eyes she's about one one Venice Boulevard offramp or approaching the offramp more metal debris in the two right lanes really slow things that was already slow from Tampa so now it's getting a lot slower going towards at four oh five and throughout Hamburg now the the seven ten valley where the freeway in the on ramp to the south seven tenths of motorcycles involved in a crash with a driver of a car long delays especially on westbound valley approaching the seven ten engine an accident visit super woman super lawyer dot com Jeff KFI this guy driving a sponsored by Amtrak okay fine this guy helps get you there faster I'm robin banks if you got the days they've got the deals let him check be your destination to vacation and get carried away now you can stop dreaming about taking a trip because if you don't use your vacation days user check out deals at Amtrak dot com restrictions apply have you still not refinance your mortgage will soon you might be kicking yourself in the head rates are at historic lows to take advantage of our new fast track loan with an unbelievable low rate of three point one.

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