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From august and then you got all august also timber i'm not that's that's that will words we we have in it if that wall yet in the last thing i wanted to say this any and you give a young person lava money things are expected these players all say i wanna be a professional after devout wanna make it to the nfl wa wanna make it to the nba and then you give a 20yearold forty million dollars a year and then you expect jim act like they're not making forty million dollars a year come on we were twenty at one time i wish added guided by at twenty i don't know if i would be hit today so we need just let them their bid lashed the alarm life out of the way of teaching you pay yeah and and during the show mr mandelson uh i will be calling a lot more says by illnesses on the control dan i'm glad that i'm glad you i'm glad you're doing better year old we misja away thank you thank you sir appreciate it let's go to a david in test is david here on cbs which radio or look or on the david howell yupao there are good for doing good so i want to caller on y'all look vegas her ya rhonda known i hope you are that go uh here the reason i remember last year are here with you would make a joke about how you can make your rent money and i could very well i don't remember what your record were but a off of your recommendations i know i i did pretty okay moscow i think i went sixty eight sixty two percent ben if i remember correctly living with sixty two percent yeah yeah i know i know you did really well thank you so i think should go and i look poor guy i look for actually run out route on the weekends prepare guerout so i would every sunday the look forward to hearing that joe actually go and i appreciate it thank you i work with you.

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