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Stayed hidden on purpose because he was deeply involved in espionage and spying and that is a key. Part of elizabethan era. Like everyone was a spy was a pressure cooker. And we all the aristocrats had their own spy networks and yes. Spain is trying to open other again within like we've gleaned and stuff absolutely some very very famous. People lost their heads and elizabethan england. One of sir walter raleigh. This considerable avery writer wasn't the stupid. Get you know the guy who brought tobacco back from virginia. He's the first one that went to virginia. He was one of the greatest scores of era. He was nobility it was a great writer he wrote a book called the history of the world while he was locked up in the tower of london and eventually lost his head. Because there were there were thoughts and you lose it was very vulnerable. And then james and all you really need to do is gather a small army and storm london and you know take away the crowd and so they developed espionage and spying to an art form to an exquisite our form and the british she could service became by far the best buys in the world. Wasn't this all during the time of mary going for the crown as well like there must add real paranoid big big part of it big cards up on her so it was a good one mary. Queen of scots. Yes letty snag. A few good biographies marie-antoinette and one of them was mary queen. Scots miracle scott's was the the contender for the throne to take away from elizabeth. Right i know. She was scotland by queen of scots. Maybe something different. Okay got i got. I got queen scots. She was related to lisbet. She was catholic. Yes the catholics. Wanted her on the throne. And she had trouble in scotland so she came to england to escape her troubles in scotland and england said come on in the half sister. I thank horseshoes. She was the half sister. Yeah half sister. Bloody mary i thought she was a half sister of elizabeth and that her son was the rightful heir. Even to elizabeth elizabeth. What's hap- sister to bloody mary. Who preceded her on the throne. Who burnt all the protestants. Elizabeth comes to the throne and she's a protestant. They dollars Mary queen of scots was her husband. Okay who is related to henry right. Okay and henry the eighth. They're all cousins. The toot our family. But she did have a claim to the throne and the catholics wanted her on the throne and that included a lot of the english clued. The spanish you with most powerful empire in the world at the time and included the vatican. They're all plotting to kill elizabeth and so they had to spider headed to counterintelligence and sent spies into europe and they had to spy on each other to see if there's not a plot coming around and they were so brilliant that they actually created a plot called the babington plot and busted and used as proof to show elizabeth that.

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