Ryan Fitzpatrick of Tampa Bay Buccaneers throws 3 first-half interceptions but finishes with 411 passing yards in loss



Passed on first light coming into the Westwood One newsroom. This morning, the F B I annual crime statistics report is out and it shows both violent crime and property crime or down in two thousand seventeen when compared with two thousand sixteen last year there were more than one point two million crimes. Just that's a point two percent decline from two thousand sixteen. There was a point seven percent decrease in murderers and a four percent decrease in robberies from one year to the next seven point seven million property crimes in two thousand seventeen and that marks a three percent decrease from two thousand sixteen all seventeen pass now as Robert workman joins us. So Robert seen any. I dunno football recently. Yeah, I was down just one game last night. It was crazy. It seemed like there were a lot on Sunday. And then only one yes, just like the old days. There you go. That's right. Monday night football. The Steelers held off the buccaneers thirty to twenty seven for their first win of the year. Ben Rothlisberger pass for three hundred fifty three yards three touchdown passes. All in the first half as Pittsburgh built a thirty to ten halftime lead. Ryan Fitzpatrick starting in the place of the suspended. Jameis Winston also had three scoring passes. Well, four if you count the pick six by the Steelers DuPree that went the other way that's magic fizzled bet he had three interceptions as Tampa Bay takes its first loss of the week. Four begins on Thursday night when the Vikings visit the Rams it's also the first of the by weeks the Redskins and Panthers taking a knee taking a week off. Los Angeles could be without both starting Cornerbacks on Thursday night. I keep deletes going to miss at least a month with a high ankle sprain, Marcus Peters questionable for this week's game with a strained cap. As feared 49ers quarterback. Jimmy Garoppolo out for the season. He tore the AC L in his left knee on Sunday that was confirmed by an MRI yesterday. He'll go on injured. Reserve later this week CJ Beathard becomes the starter. With Nick Mullins promoted from the practice squad. As the backup three undefeated teams left in the NFL. The chiefs the Rams and the dolphins three winless teams the raiders cardinals and the Texans baseball on Monday. The Red Sox ripped the Orioles Sixty-two setting a franchise record with one hundred six wins and clinching home field throughout the postseason. Mookie Betts Wendy Indian shut out. The White Sox four nothing Corey kluber. You can call him a twenty game winner. He went seven innings and struck out eleven Cleveland. The first team to have four starters record two hundred or more strikeouts. In the same season. Kluber Carlos Carrasco Trevor Bauer and Mike Clemenger who hit the Mark on Saturday as thank the Mariners seven three they secure the last playoff spot in the American League sorting it out to which wildcard they're going to end up with the they're still alive in the AL west race. The ASTRO's beat the Blue Jays five three. There are step closer to clinching that American League West. But they haven't quite done it yet. Yankees deflected the race four to one that knocks Tampa Bay out of the playoff chase. And the angels edge the Rangers five four and eleven innings, Texas, by the way, if you missed it over the weekend. Manager. Jeff Bannister Don Wakamatsu filling in for the rest of the season National League pirates scuttled the cubs. Five to one Jameson Thanh went seven strong innings Francisco. Survelliance run Homer race when deep as well. Dodgers down the Diamondbacks. Seventy four David freeze had three hits including a Homer. He and Manny Machado each. Drove. In a pair of runs LA's magic number to win. The west is down to five just like the cubs in the central brewers best. The cardinals six to four airy theme scored the go-ahead run in the eighth inning on a pitch on an Arab by pitcher. By the pitcher. Milwaukee. Now three games ahead of Saint Louis in the wildcard chase. With the magic number of three to clinch homefield for that play in game. Rockies rolled over the Phillies tend to one John gray had seven strong innings, plus a basis loaded walk in the rocks. Five run third inning. Colorado. Just a half game behind Saint Louis for the second wildcard Padres. Black. The giants five nothing San Francisco fired general manager, Bobby Evans after back to back losing seasons. That'll do that. And the nationals nailed the Marlins by account of seven to three college football. The new rankings around API writers top four still the same. Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, Ohio State with LSU and Oklahoma. Switching spots for fifth and sixth in the coaches poll, no change in the top nine crimson tide on top followed by the Tigers BULLDOGS buckeyes and Sooners couple of big upsets over the weekend. Number thirteen Virginia. Tech lost at Old Dominion forty nine. Thirty five Old Dominion only. Brought back football in two thousand nine Mississippi. State number fourteen fell at Kentucky..

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