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Now right it's everywhere. Yes even in the air. There was a study out of brazil. That founded in nanoparticles in the air over the cultural fields. Where it's us but even in the city where there wasn't any agriculture they found life is in the nanoparticle in the air which is very disturbing because you have to breathe. You can't breathe. You can buy certified organic food and really greatly reduce your exposure. And i very much recommend people do that. I have gotten so much email from people. Who've said you know i i saw your stuff. I change to an organic diet. And i healed you. Know all these leases that people are coping with that are going away once they adopt a certified mechanic diet and it's remarkable. How many diseases are going up dramatically. We know that we have a healthcare crisis in this country. Healthcare costs out of sight. So many people are sick with various autoimmune diseases. And in my book. I explained liver disease autoimmune disease reproductive issues all these problems immune system disruption. I haven't on each of those things it's it's remarkable. And i explain exactly how i think this is happening with glyphosate. It is an amazing chemical. Very subtle and extremely. Talkative accumulates senior tissues and it causes additional damage over time as you accumulated very very difficult to get it out once it's in Yeah and i Read something yesterday out of cambridge university. That said that organic food is up to sixty nine percent higher in antioxidants than conventional food. And at the root of that as you as we're talking about is this You know the weed killer glyphosate and it's it is it's destroying our health and the environment and our food I was gonna say. I'm going to go to break. Is there anything you want to say about what i said. I know you you basically did. But it was just say that the that these foods that are being exposed to life is going to have an impact on their ability to produce molecules that they use to protect themselves and those those one when she was also protect us. These are polyphenyls and five annoys interpret. Noise these are very important. Nutrients that are found in plants that are that the past seat disrupts actually is needed to make those nutrients. Well you were talking about beasts. I i read something not recently so i'm having trouble recalling it but it was something just astounding like if the b.'s are destroyed. I think it's something like sixty percent of our food that we that we love will no longer be is too and i was shocked. I had no idea it was that big an impact. I know almonds. But i really didn't realize so. Many foods depend upon the bees. It's going to be really awful if we just lose all of these food choices because of the bees going away well talking about is the first step right and making people aware giving them the knowledge so that they can make good choices and stand up to this. I might add. We're going to go for a quick break. More coming up with dr stephanie son. If she is the author of the book toxic legacy we will be right back. You're listening to one life. Radio want to advertise on one life. Radio send us an email info at one life. Radio dot com. It's back to school time. And that means that you need to boost your immune defences with organic by the immune support. Bundle is a double pack of protection for your hardworking immune system. It's a holistic approach to wellness combining daily support with extra defenses. When you need them. Most often ganic vitamin cs zinc and adapted genyk superfoods. Give a nate immunity a helping hand for a limited time. Your immune support bundled will include an extra box of immunity a forty dollar value at no charge. That way you and your family can feel safer get yours by going to our gamified dot com. That's organic dot com ten years of positively on your radio this is one life radio Right everyone welcome back to one life. Radio this is bernadette with junior in the mix broadcasting live from dallas texas on iheart media as well as in southern california on. Abc news talk. We are continuing with dr stephanie. Saaf she is a senior research scientist at. Mit's computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory. She has five degrees from mit. I can't even believe that. Dr sun up. You have to be like the most intelligent human on the planet serious with all that education. Were you always that way when you work kid. Did you know when you were little that you were just like. I just can't even imagine having that brain. What what you would must have been like as a child and do it correct to you. There's only four degrees. So i thought that was fun. If you count the minor in nutrition. I guess we can call that the fifth one. So that's yes brain brainiac. Oh my life. I loved to read and i read. You know i read Rachel carson's book. When i when it first came out it was something like twelve years old and i just love to read and i really was kind of a nerdy brainiac type kid wonderful well and i really feel it's a A a special thing. That i have that i love to read and it's still true to this day and i read many articles and i love. Biology is so fascinating. And i hope that that comes through in my book because it does you can get bitten by the bug of biology. It can be a very gratifying experience to make it almost be a hobby for you to learn about biology about metabolism about immune system. These things are so fascinating. And we're really. The the research is very exciting right now. Because i think we're at the cusp of of a breakthrough at the highest level in the ideas of how how metabolism works and how chemicals disrupted. I think it's a very exciting time in biology right now absolutely and you know you you up. The book by rachel carson's silent spring. Y was that book so important just like yours. why was it so important. It was really very similar. I think there's quite a bit parallels there because ddat was pervasive in the environment. They thought it was great. It was controlling the mosquitoes. The mosquitoes were causing me. Malaria you know disease and so it was. It was felt that it was a great boon to help us stay well and it took a long long time to notice that it was actually causing a lot of damage and she worked. Mostly about the The environment you know 'cause it was violence. Spring was the name of the book. And that was the point was birger dying and and and she went from there and It was a wakeup call. Just like with glyphosate. Because we've become so comfortable with this chemical this is roundup. I'm sure people know roundup and many people don't know the word life is but that's the active ingredient in round up and you know they use it now. Not only on The gmo crops but also non gmo crops. If people think if i buy non gmo that safe but that's not true at all there's actually at highest levels are showing up in non gmo crops. That are sprayed right before harvest. They use it as a desperate purposely. Kill the crop. Make it go to see increase the yield because you synchronizes. He'll see across all the different parts of the crops. 'cause they can go go to see it at different times. If there's a there's a they go right you know at different times if it's not synchronized by a chemical like life is eight. So they really think it's great and since they think it's perfectly safe for humans they don't care but showing up at very high concentrations and we and oats and barley and garbanzo beans and chickpeas are all non gmo crops. That are being sprayed. Right before sugarcane and i'm sure you're familiar with the book a genetic roulette and the he's been on the show actually in his name escapes me right now. He's been on the show. Yes jeffrey smith and it was interesting in that book. It said that It it it. It did a study or talked about this research that was done on on fields of genetically modified corn and just a regular corn. However you want this healthy cornyn unhealthy corn and how the cows would not eat the gmo. Corn it's like. They knew they knew that it wasn't it wasn't good. That's something about it was toxic. I heard that beer bears would go all the way across. Gmo corn crop. Go all the way through the field to get to the non. Gmo going right right. You know and it's because animals. I think they're just more in tune with.

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