Sean Hannity, Rockets, Gaza discussed on AM Tampa Bay


Morning here the Israeli military. They announced they launched airstrikes on terror sites in Gaza. That's what you're hearing right now what you might not here because we know how the media works at times. It was a retaliatory move. It was something in retaliation too. Rockets that were fired over by HAMAs. Now, there will be some media sources that will get to it because I thought this morning, so it's out there. But typically the narrative around this is Israel fired rockets. Well, they're just the retaliation keep that in mind. Yeah. And that's certainly the case. Anyway, it's coming up on eight twenty eight on AM Tampa Bay. Sean Hannity morning minute here to tell the truth. Brought to you by moss family automotive. Your morning Expresso starts right here. Sean Hannity morning minute comrade, the Blasios said in a tweet last. I know I know it's the right decision. 'cause the kids love it, and Sean Hannity hates it, don't you? You're not gonna convince me that the kids love it. And he's doing it for climate change. Meatless Mondays is for climate change. No meat in public schools in New York on Monday, the same city that won't let you buy a big gulp the same city that under nanny Bloomberg decided, you can't have salt, and you cannot have pepper on your restaurant table meatless Mondays because of climate change. Do you think they're gonna kill fewer cows? You think it's going to have that big an impact because actually means more cows will live Sean Hannity show from coast to coast later today dot.

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